How Tough Will Two Actually Be?

I feel like I’ve hit the MOTHERlode having two boys so close together. I wonder how easy/hard it’s going to be juggling two boys under 2. I only hope they will be really close friends growing up since they will only be 19 months apart. One grade apart in school.
Now that Austin is growing up and getting a very independent personality, I find it harder to manage him in public.

We went to Sea World today and it was quite an experience alone. He is a very personable and friendly little guy. He will smile and “talk” to just about anyone. However, he is starting to become extremely strong-willed. He likes to do his own thing and doesn’t respond to no or me interfering very well. He never wants to hold my hand and never wants to follow my lead. Im afraid he’s going to be one of those kids you see at amusement parks– the runners. Will I be one of those parents that straps one of those backpack leashes on my child. I hope not! It’s not like I let him do whatever he wants or get away with things, but if he has his mind set on something then he is going to do it.

I blame his father and I because we are both stubborn and type A personalities. It definitely makes for an interesting family dynamic. I definitely feel as though it will make him into a great adult. He will be independent, be able to make decisions and think for himself. Hopefully he will be a leader and someone people can look up to.
Recently, his personality has got me baffled. behavior management is daunting. I’m afraid of how I will handle him with a newborn in tow. I don’t want to change him and make him obey me, but I do need to find a happy medium where he can be himself, but respect me and my wishes.

This is how Austin works his magic at home. He is a master of “look at this hand while I’m doing something else with my other hand.” One day he went from room to room reeking havoc on all he came in contact with. First it was the dog food/water. Then, as I’m cleaning up the mess, he pulls out all of the paper towels out of the laundry room and proceeds to shred them. After that little adventure, he moves to the bathroom and snags the tissues and pulls them all out. He is constantly one step ahead of me. This boy is CRAZY! I wonder what he’s thinking as he is destroying the house. Austin the Destroyer. Oye!

I’ve had people tell me that two kids is the hardest. One of my mommy friends has 5 kids. Yes, 5. She is the epitome of Super Mom. Her husband has said the switch from one to two was hardest. Expectations change the most. After two you aren’t man to man anymore. 2 parents to 2 kids is a thing of the past. You’re on “zone defense” after that and the change isn’t so big.

I love the idea of having a big family.
The task feels so daunting, but I feel like its totally worth it. Everyone always has a playmate. The family of 7 I mentioned are close knit and everyone looks out for each other. I have no idea if every family of 7 is like this, but I can say that their family runs better (most of the time) than some family of 4s I know. It may be because the kids just know there is no time or space to be naughty with 4 other siblings in the mix. Or it could be the fact that the mom is a behavioral psychologist. I’m not saying they are perfect, but they are pretty darn special.

I think the thing that scares me the most about having two kids is making sure they feel equally loved. I don’t want Austin to be jealous. I won’t be able to give him as much one on one time as i used to. I know that newborns are demanding and need a lot of attention. I just hope I can find a way to still have quality time with Austin.

Luckily, I have 5 more months to figure this out.


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