The JOYS of Pregnancy

I guess I should start somewhere.  I am 23 weeks pregnant today with my second child.  My DS is 15 months old and I have been married to my husband for almost 7 years.  We live in gorgeous San Diego with my family about a 10 minute drive away.  My husband is in the Navy & has been the rock of our family since day one.  He is the realist and I am the idealist.  Am I forgetting any of that other get-to-know-you mumbo jumbo.  I guess i COULD mention that I have my teaching credential, but as most mothers would tell you, my career goals were put on the back burner.  You’d think I would be a pro at this pregnancy stuff, but let me tell you, it DOESN’T get easier your second time around.Mommy & Austin

Piggie back

It’s definitely harder.  Long gone are the days where I could just lie in bed with nothing to do and no one to wake up for.  REST is essential in any pregnancy.  It makes mommy happy and the baby happy.  Well guess what, having a toddler that is up at the butt crack of dawn definitely puts a damper on my plans of long luxurious sleep sessions.  Some days I would kill for an extra 30 minutes, but ALAS my toddle beckons.  I am definitely more exhausted now than I have ever been in my entire life.  Chasing after a toddler while being pregnant is no joke.  He is going to be able to outrun me soon enough.  I will be waddling trying to keep up.  7 PM bedtime can’t come soon enough (for the both of us 😉 )

Wild 'n CRAZY

Here are a few things I loved about being pregnant (the FIRST time) :

– My Growing Belly/Maternity Clothes

Little Luke the Nugget is Snug & Warm @ 23 Weeks

Little Luke the Nugget is Snug & Warm @ 23 Weeks

I couldn’t wait to be able to fit into those cute maternity clothes.  The second time around, I was in those puppies the day I found out I was pregnant.  HOT DOG, they are awesomely comfortable & were very forgiving.  I started showing before I even knew I was pregnant this time around.  Okay, i MAY be exaggerating, but seriously I showed WAY earlier than before.

-Preggo books & those weekly emails about what fruit/veggie your baby can be compared to Pregnancy Tracker Pregnancy Tracker

I read all the “what-to-expect” books I could get my hands on when I was pregnant with DS number 1.  This time, I haven’t opened a single book about pregnancy.  I use the weekly emails as a reminder to myself what week I am at.  I feel like this second pregnancy is FLYING by (unlike the first).  Please slow down, I’M SCARED & I’m DEFINITELY not ready!

-Feeling the Baby Kick

baby kicks

I still think this is the best feeling ever.  To know I am growing a little nugget inside me is magical.  The only thing NOT awesome about this little perk is when he decides his foot would fit nicely in between my rib cages (I am not looking forward to that stage of pregnancy).  BOTH of my boys (oh yeh, I’m pregnant with me second son) LOVED to burrow their head or feet into my pelvis.  Oh joy!


US 22 weeks

DS 2 @ 22 Weeks

DS 1 @ 16 weeks

It is amazing what current technology has allowed us to do.  Seeing my little bean for the first time was and always will be amazing.  If you ever get a chance to do one of those 4D ultrasounds, I highly recommend it.  Some places even provide a DVD set to music of your little 4D session.

Unfortunate Side Effects of Pregnancy:

-The Never-Ending Pregnant Pee

There should DEFINATELY be a stall reserved for preggo ladies!

There should DEFINATELY be a stall reserved for preggo ladies!

Sadly, that never really goes away.  For some reason, you will get up to pee at least 3 times a night in the first trimester.  Wait a second, how am I even drinking this amount of liquid.  It’s not like the baby is big enough to press on my bladder either.  Then, comes the wonderful stage of pregnancy where you feel your little peanut move for the first time.  And with that comes the bladder situation.  As they get bigger, they take up more room in your uterus (DUH, simple enough).  They can then decide (at any moment) that your bladder looks like a fun trampoline apparatus to use whenever they see fit.  It’s funny, you can be holding a conversation with someone and then all of the sudden “Oh crap, I gotta pee!”  Not only will you pee more often, but sometimes you may even wet yourself.  I’m not joking, it WILL happen at least once.  HA.  It didn’t really happen my first pregnancy.  Maybe a sneeze or a coughing fit would induce a little trickle.  But for some reason, this pregnancy brought on full on wet-my-pants amazingness.  This only happened when I would have violent dry heaving fits in the bathroom.  It’s then that you have to decide, should I pee on the toilet and barf on the floor or pee my pants and barf in the toilet.  That brings me to the next wonderful feature of pregnancy.


morning sickness

I cannot stress enough how much morning sickness SUCKS!  Reality check, it doesn’t just come in the morning.  Who invented that name??  At many points during this pregnancy I thought to myself is this worth it OMG I feel like I am going to die.  Obviously a little melodramatic looking back, but being nauseous and dry heaving at the sight of uncooked food is not fun.  I could not look at a raw (or cooked) piece of chicken for either of my first trimesters.  My husband thinks it’s funny to mimic my dry heaving sounds (which has sent me racing to the bathroom more than once.)  Fortunately, there’s an up side.  As long as I am throwing up I know the little nugget is okay.  Also, my toddler thinks it’s fun to burst in the door while I’m puking my brains out to stand and stare.  Sometimes I get an occassional back rub from him, but it’s usually him staring in dismay.

First pregnancy morning sickness= 9 weeks of hell

Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell

Second Pregnancy= 13 weeks of hell (lovely)

P.S. – have your doctor prescribe Zofran.  He is a exquisite little pill that makes nausea disappear.  You can also take vitamin B6 as a preventative.  Zofran works as immediate relief though.  He and I became very close this second pregnancy.

– Extra Saliva


I was one of the lucky ones who experienced increased saliva during pregnancy.  The thought alone makes me want to spit.  at 23 weeks I can say that this side effect has subsided, but boy did I look like the hill-billie spitting every chance I got.  I  am just glad my son only tried to copy me a handful of times.

-Restless Nights

As you get bigger, it gets more and more difficult to sleep through the night.  My husband can attest that this is not his favorite part of pregnancy either.  I go to bed with 3 pillows now.  One for my head, one behind my back, and one long pregnancy pillow for in between my knees and in front of my belly.  It’s funny, you struggle to find the right position all night and then WHAMMY sciatica kicks in and it’s time to do the sleep dance once again.

Boppy Maternity Pillow

Boppy Maternity Pillow

I think this post is long enough.  I hope I didn’t lose you all.  I tend to be a bit wordy.  I hope the picture help as a little break in between my rants.  I also promise that my other posts wont be as sarcastic.  Okay, I can’t promise that, but I will try to be more positive.  🙂

[[insert cute toddler]]

[[insert cute toddler]]



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