Ways to HELP a New Mommy


I was EXTREMELY lucky because I was never short on help when I had my little one in 2011.

A lot if my mommy friends/newbies have been getting knocked up left and right this year. And slowly but surely, they are starting to pop their lil nuggets out if the oven.
Yes, having a new baby in the house is an exciting time in a new mommy’s life, but it is also one of the most exhausting times as well. Inside, the new mommy will be giddy and full of love and compassion for her newest little sidekick. She will happily roll out of bed every two hours during the night to nurse/feed her little one. But outside, she’ll look like a train wreck. Shhhhh… Don’t ever tell her that out loud.

tired mom-01
Here are a few ways you can help your friend out without just saying “call me if you need anything.”

9584245-young-woman-relaxing-in-the-bathtubLET HER SHOWER
Oh the glorious shower! New moms rarely have the time or energy for something so decadent. So come on over and get some baby cuddle time in. Your mommy friend will surely appreciate it.

woman-sleeping1LET HER NAP
Catering after her new little addition is no easy feat. Not to mention if breastfeeding is involved. If she does have some formula or pumped milk lying around then shove her off to the bedroom so she can catch up on some much needed ZzZz’s.

clipart_household_cleaning_products_17_1_CLEAN HER HOUSE
OH MY GOSH, you would be a godsend if you did that for her! One last thing to worry about. The baby will be the main focus of most hours in the day, so cleaning her house for her would definitely lighten the load. Speaking of loads, could you do the laundry as well?

Not her new one, obviously! But it would definitely help out if you could take her other ones out of the house for a few hours.

e67df74bcd704a6f_New_Mom_Dinner_preview BRING HER DINNER/FREEZER MEALS
Dinner? Oh crap, that’s right she has to make dinner for the rest of the family too. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks in between) is easy to provide for the new little bottomless pit, but what about the rest of the family. Already made dinners that she can just plop in the oven would be awesome! This is one of the best things you could ever do for her. The end of the day is always the most exhausting, so already planned and prepped meals are a must.

Exhaustion does bring on a whole new level of emotional. She may just need to cry on your shoulder. New mommies will need your ear the most. Between the horrid first few weeks of breastfeeding to figuring out a routine/schedule for her newborn (ha that will happen) she is going to need someone to vent to. Or she may just need another adult to talk to. Being around kids and a baby all day could drive a mommy batty sometimes.

Whether you do one or all of these, you’re already looking like a better friend. Maybe she will return the favor when you have your first bundle of joy, poop, and spit up.


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