Keeping Toddler Busy with DISCOVERY BOTTLES!

I have found that entertaining a toddler can be quite challenging.  He will be happy with one activity for one minute and over it the next.  His favorite things to do are as follows: make noise and make messes.  Hmmm… so it is true.

The definition of BOY: NOISE covered in DIRT!

I am always on the lookout for awesome kiddo games on Pinterest.  If it is cheap and easy to make and will hold his attention for at least 10 minutes then that is enough for me.  I pinned these cool Discovery Bottles from  This was the best example I found because there were so many varieties.  They also suggested to hot glue the bottles shut.  Great idea because my little guy would definitely find a way to open those suckers up!


Here is my finished Discovery Box.  Awesome!  This took no time at all and I had most of these things lying around the house.  No expense for me.  I had my grandma save her small Gatorade bottles for me so that I could use them for my bottles.  the website called for regular sized bottles, but my little guy will do just fine with the smaller ones.  Plus it’s less material waste.


  • 10 or more mini Gatorade bottles
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks (for the glue gun)
  • straws
  • yogurt containers (for sorting )
  • Plum Organics pouch tops
  • objects to put inside (SEE BELOW for examples)

Hot glue trick: hot glue around the inside of the cap.  Don’t put glue on the lip of the bottle.  Putting it on the inside of the bottle cap rim is the cleanest and simplest way to seal the bottles.




I used a mini Gatorade bottle and filled it with water (half way), a few squirts of dish soap, and food coloring.  Viola! Instant bubble bottle  🙂




Simple, right?!  My son loves rocks.  Plus these bad boys make a nice little racket.  That’s a plus for him.  It may suck for you.  Ultimately, you get to decide what goes in these bottles, so you can make them as “quiet” as you’d like.




For this one, I used mini salad macaroni and rice.  I also threw in some buttons for good measure.  Austin likes looking for the buttons among all of the pasta and rice.




OH YEH!  I went into the backyard and got a handful of dirt and bark and filled the cup 1/3 of the way.  I then filled the rest of the bottle with water.  I left a little room at the top for shaking.  Mud is a boys best friend.  AND he can play with it without getting messy.  Yay!




Another sound bottle.  For this one, I used wrapping ribbon and i cut up one of those Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.

Another cool idea I saw for a sound bottle was a rain maker.  I didn’t have enough toothpicks so I couldn’t make it.  You just need to fill the bottle with toothpicks and add rice.  When you turn the bottle upside down, the rice tried to make it’s way through all of the tooth picks.  Makes a pretty cool sound.




This one was just water and cute little sparkle stars.  You can also add glitter for more sparkle. 🙂




This one was layered with water oil and rubbing alcohol. You can put food coloring in the different substances to really make it contrast.  Eventually, the water and rubbing alcohol mix, but it still makes a cool wave effect.





I used as many yogurt cups as I had colors.  The tops are from the Plum Organics pouches.  I knew they would come in handy!  Cheaper than those sorting bears.

And here’s my little guy exploring!






He even got mad when I started cleaning up.  Every time I would put a bottle away, he would take another out.  So glad I found this idea!


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