Bedtime Boycott/Nap Nightmare



I am seriously feeling drained from this past week and a half. Last week EVERYONE in this house had the stomach flu. Well, Austin never got the full range of symptoms Justin and I had, but he was grumpy and uncomfortable none the less. We just barely recovered from that bout of sickness and now we are dealing with bedtime troubles with Austin.

    He has been full on boycotting bedtime and refusing naps.

Bedtime has always been a dependable 7pm. If he has an afternoon nap, he may go down at 7:30. He has developed a routine before bed. He will usually spend a good 30 minutes to an hour sitting on Daddy’s lap in the recliner watching his shows until around 7-7:30. Sometimes he will even snuggle with me on the couch, but my belly had proven to be somewhat of an obstacle. Justin usually has to take him into bed because if I try to do it he cries for Daddy.

Unfortunately, this has all changed . . . .

He doesn’t want to sit on anyones lap for long until he gets up and starts playing again. When it is time to put him to bed, he starts whining and refuses to lay down in bed. Justin is usually in Austin’s room for a good 10 minutes trying to persuade him to lay down. It normally will take him an hour to fall asleep. Now, he has decided that he will no longer sleep through the night.

He will randomly wake up in the middle of the night (before midnight) crying hysterically. I am thinking night terrors, but he CAN be comforted when we go in to see him. However, putting him back in his crib is a battle. He WON’T let you rock him in the rocking chair. Justin even climbed in the crib with him one time. Putting him to bed for the night has always been a little hard, but never putting him back down after he has woken up. He can usually soothe himself as long as he finds his binkie. Now, he acts like the crib is his enemy.

Monday night we decided to let him sleep with us instead of fighting him to go back to sleep. Normally, he will play and flail around in our bed if we ever try to bring him to bed with us. He usually smacks me in the head a couple of times and kicks my belly a few more times for good measure. This time, he slept with us the whole night (from the time we went to bed). He woke up a few times whimpering. It was really sad. I just rubbed his back and he went back to sleep. That morning, he woke up at 6:30! YIPPEE!

Last night was a different story…

He ended up going to bed OKAY and did sleep through the night. However, 5 am rolled around and he was wide awake. I pulled the covers over my head and muttered, “this is not happening.” Not to mention the dogs next door were in full on bark mode. I planned to wait until Justin left for work to go in there and reason with him. HA, reason with a 15 month old. I am delirious. I am usually GOLDEN if Austin is laying down and has his binkie. Nope, he had thrown EVERYTHING out of his crib in a fit of pissed off rage. He went from awake to upset to pissed. I tried bringing him in my bed to coax another 30 minutes out of him. NOPE, it was smack mommy and roll around the bed time. I even put on one of his shows so that I could just wake up. NOPE. He wanted to be UP.

Normally, (without kids) I am NOT a morning person nor will I ever be. Waking up early puts me in a foul mood until at least 2 hours after I wake up. I don’t drink coffee, so there is no best part of waking up because NOTHING is in my cup. I can do 7am now. I am a pro at waking up at that time and I CAN be happy and nice. But now, I feel like I am being a bitch and I feel really bad about it. I struggle with this new routine Austin has developed. I blame him for my lack of sleep, but I feel bad for even getting mad at him. Who knows why his routine is changing. It’s not fair to him that I am so mean in the morning, but I really don’t know what to do.

I am almost in tears as he naps (finally!) right now. I wish I could just understand what was going on in that little mind of his. I want to be a nice mommy who wants to play and doesn’t snap at him. I want to make him breakfast without asking myself “why am I awake.” I should want to spend every waking minute with my child because he is HAPPY & I should be too. I obviously need to be more flexible because once Luke is here we will be playing a whole different ball game.


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—UPDATE— 1/30/2012 @ 9pm

This is how our day went:

Nap @ ~ 8:30am

He went down well and only fussed for a little. Much better than yesterday when I climbed into the crib with him to coax him to go to sleep (unsuccessfully, I might add).

He woke up right after I got out of the shower. He slept for about an hour to an hour and a half. That is a pretty good nap for him. He had been taking less than an hour-long naps.


He popped right up and smiled. This was AFTER he threw one of his binkies, all of his blankets, and his stuffed animal out of the crib. I caught him before he could throw his changing pad over. I can tell if he has had a good nap by the way he wakes up. If he is still fussing and upset when he wakes up then, odds are, he needed to sleep longer. Today he woke up peacefully and with little to no fussing. Except for when he got impatient waiting for me to come in.


The floor . . . the doggie is on the side of his bed. Now we are on the search for his missing binkie (not the one in his mouth, duh!)


Found it! It is usually either under his crib, across the room, or behind his crib in an obscure place. I’ve become a binkie detective recently!

Our day included lunch with my mom and Marianne and a play date over at the Weber’s house. Needless to say, I think he needed another nap by the time we left for home @ 3pm


He was thoroughly upset on the ride home. He fell asleep within 5 minutes. Falling asleep in the car is a tell-tale sign that he needed another nap. I really think he still needs two naps. Or a postponed morning nap. I think I will try ONE nap after lunch and see how that goes. Otherwise, it’s back to two naps a day.

We ate dinner, he had a bath, and we read some books before bedtime.

DSCN1011 DSCN1010

He LOVES interactive books (touch and feel and books with pop-outs or sliders).

[[Thanks for the idea to get the CamelBak sippy, Megan. He loves it!]]

Next it was off to sit with Daddy for a show.


Ever since we got a new recliner, Austin doesn’t like sitting with Daddy too long. He watched part of a show and we turned off the TV.

He went from parent to parent trying to prolong the inevitable. Finally, I carried him into the bedroom and Justin followed. Usually we do this one parent at a time, but today we tried both of us.


He just flung his binkie out and wouldn’t lay down for long. He kept kicking the crib with his feet and making noises. Justin left and the tears started flowing. I sat in the room with him for a little longer and gave him both his binkies that he threw.

(We usually have two binkies in his bed so he can always have one if he loses the other.)

He fussed and then layed down. I came out with a little smirk and said, “triumph!” to Justin. Just then, I ate my words because Austin was up again crying hysterically now. I let him cry for a few minutes while I “tried” to lesson plan. I gave in and went in the room with him (I asked Justin to “relieve” me so that I could lesson plan & he asked for 10 minutes). I calmed Austin down and sat with him for a little. Justin came in and I left. He had to keep laying him down. He stayed in Austin’s room (on the floor next to the crib) until Austin fell asleep.

I think the crying tired him out. What a horrible way to go to sleep. Justin said he was sniffling as he sucked on his binkie and tried to go to sleep. This whole ordeal took a little over an hour. I hope we can get back to our normal routine and not have to be in the room for him to go to sleep. Another adventure in parenting to add to the books.


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