16 Things my 16 Month Old Likes to Do


Today, my little sidekick turned 16 months.  I wouldn’t have remembered unless my grandma came over with 16 “goodies” for our favorite guy.  It is crazy how fast time flies.

022 IMG_1280

I remember his birth like it was yesterday.  It’s hard to think how soon I will be reliving that experience with Luke.  One of my top moments would be when I got to meet Austin for the first time.  He grew inside me for over 9 months and on October 4th, I finally got to put a face to those rib cage kicks.  I love my belly ninja with all my heart.


No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

I know that I am going to want to look back on this and see what Austin “used” to be like.  So, I will list a few things that Austin loves to do.  Most of these are NOT toys.  Go figure., HAHA.  Toys are so 5 minutes ago.  He mostly likes getting into trouble and testing Mommy’s patience.  Here we go…

[[Sorry for the blurry pictures.  It’s so hard to capture a moving toddler.]]

1. Stealing water cups & drinking like a big boy


& when he is done drinking, he plays.


2. Harassing Sara


I say harassing because Sara does not look like she is enjoying ear pulling and horsey rides.  I can’t get many picture with him and Sara because Sara is scared of ANYTHING electronic pointed at her.

IMG_0622 —  BFFs @ 6 months old

3. Stealing Remotes


The biggest accomplishment for him is the moment when he finally apprehends the coveted remote control!

4. Playing with Daddy


Austin has decided who is favorite is for the moment.  I WILL find a way to win him back from the dark side 😉

5. Playing in Dog Water/Food


He loves picking up scattered pieces of dog food and returning them to the bowl.  He also likes splashing in the water.  Additionally, he loves transferring dog food to the dog water.  We catch him doing this EVERYDAY.  He doesn’t quite understand why this action is forbidden.

6. Toilet Bowl Cleaning


GROSS!  He like swishing his hands in the toilet.  Unfortunately, he has seen me use the toilet bowl cleaner and tried to “clean” up too.  The plunger is also a go-to bathroom “toy” as well.  If you come over, PLEASE flush the toilet.  I beg of you!



This boy can put it away.  I think he would eat continuously if I let him.  He has his own snack stand that has 3 drawers: dried fruit and raisins, packaged snacks, and fruit/veggie pouches.  He frequents that area often and drags what he wants over to me.

8. Kitchen Fun


Any and all cabinets that aren’t lock are fair game.  He WILL get into them and play with whatever he wants.


Soda cans


& pots/pans

9. Playing with Brooms


Big or small, this kid loves to sweep.  I really need to find one of those mini brooms for him.

10. Exploring Drawers and Stealing What’s Inside


Playing in the drawers under the washer/dryer is one of his favorite past times.  Why, you ask?  Because this is where we keep the paper towel rolls.  You know, the ones he LOVES to tear apart.

11. Studying the Vacuum


He used to be afraid of it, but now he is ALL ABOUT the vacuum.  He wants to push it, help you push it, follow you while you clean, play with the attachments, and point and question.

12. Being Outside


Whether it is on the balcony or in the backyard, this kid loves to be outdoors!

13. Playing in the “Dirt”


And by “dirt,” I mean the litter box.  He thinks it’s his own personal sand box.  He even uses the scooper as a sand toy.  Nothing grosses me out more than this!

14. Bubbles!


Thank gosh he loves to take a bath because this boy gets into a lot!

15. Driving his Truck


Okay, here he is playing with one of his many toys.  He actually loves being in it and honking the horn.  So cute!

16. Beating Up Mommy

I have no idea why, but he has gotten to be more physical with me lately.  He pulls my hair, smacks my face, bites me, and grabs at me.  He NEVER does it out of spite or in a mean way.  He gets excited and picks one of these things to do to me.  Some of them he thinks are fun to do and some of them he does to be affectionate when I make him excited.  Listen here, Buddy.  I prefer kisses and hugs.  Thanks.  More on this later.


Before you start to judge me as a lazy parent who lets her son get into whatever he wants, know that he is a master of disaster and a professional at preoccupying mommy with other tasks while he destroys things in another area.

Austin: Look at this mess I made, Mommy!

Me: Oh joy! Sit here quietly while I clean this up.

[[silence befalls the house]]

Me: Crap!

Austin: ::giggle giggle:: playing in the litter box is fun.  Oh, what is this kitty box crunchy?



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