Life Changing Popcorn


I have been spending way too much money on microwavable popcorn.  It’s not like we eat it  all the time, but when Justin gets on a popcorn kick, he wants it for a few days.  This method is so much CHEAPER, tastes better, and is healthier (given you don’t slather it in melted butter topping).  Plus, you can avoid “popcorn lung” and all those harsh chemicals associated with packaged microwave popcorn.  Read more here —

I was at the grocery store today contemplating which microwave popcorn to choose (movie theatre butter or plain).  Decisions, decisions.  Well, it was buy one get one free on a certain brand so I almost snatched up two boxes.  Until I realized that a bottle of popping corn would be cheaper AND came with a whole lot more.


I immediately remembered seeing a Pin on Pinterest that explained how to pop popcorn kernels in run-of-the-mill brown lunch bags.  YIPPEE, no messy stove top oil that you need to constantly watch!  I snagged a bottle of popping corn (on SALE for $3 off!), brown bags, AND a bottle of movie-theatre-like buttery oil.  YUM!

After dinner and after Austin went to bed, I proceeded with the Pinterest instructions.

Step 1:


Measure out 1/3 cup of popping corn

Step 2:


Place kernels in brown paper bag

Step 3:


Narrowly fold the bag over 3-4 times

Step 4:


Place the bag in your microwave and set the cook time for 2 minutes.  Microwaving times will vary.  I would say start with 2 minutes and listen for the popping to slow down.  There is nothing worse than burnt popcorn!


Step 5:


Choose your toppings.  I chose buttery oil and sea salt.  You can try plain salt, white cheddar, parmesan cheese, etc.

Step 6:




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