The Downside of Being a Pregnant Perfectionist

Being a Type A control freak who is also a perfectionist DOES have some positives. For example, my house is usually organized and stuff is put away. It may not be spotless in the cleaning department, but it puts on the facade that it is. 😉

** After I wrote this, I felt guilty, so I cleaned a little. **

If I had an unlimited budget, this house would be the epitome of Pinterest-inspired. You know, All of my Pinterest projects that require money and time. I don’t have the luxury of either of those things. My favorite boards on my Pinterst account (besides food) is my Organization board and my Home Sweet Home board. Ahhh, to have my house look like it came out of Good Housekeeping.

The problem with having this kind of personality is I physically and mentally CANNOT relax if something is out of place or needs to be done.
It’s gotten even worse since I become pregnant.

Dishes, putting toys away, my husbands pile of work stuff that ALWAYS ends up on the kitchen table. All those things drive me BONKERS. Oh wait, let’s not forget the dried toothpaste that ends up in the sink when you don’t rinse it out. Holy-eyesore batman!

The only thing that sits out is laundry… I HATE laundry! It’s a good thing that my grandma comes to visit and babysit Austin while I work because she folds my laundry. Lovely! LOVE YOU GIGI. Sometimes it takes me a whole week to put it away, but at least its folded. All I have to do is hide the basket from plain sight if I dont feel like putting it away and I can reason with myself– Well, at least its clean AND folded. ::pats self on back:: 2/3 of the way finished is better than none at all. I don’t know what it is about laundry that makes me want to procrastinate.

Well, my recent peeve is the nursery. It was our guest bedroom, so it had a bed, two dressers, a side table, etc. I had been BUGGING the hubby to get the bed out of there for months. You know, my control freak coming out. I had to have it done wayyyy in advance. Anyways, this weekend the bed got taken out and now I am planning the color scheme. Anyone that has talked about it with me (Mom & Justin) knows that it is stressing me out. My mom sympathizes with me and is trying to help me out and Justin… Well, Justin is being a man about it and taking the simplistic route–“Just slap on some paint and throw the furniture in.” I think I stress HIM out just talking about my ideas, so I don’t bother to say too much to him. Asking for his opinion on something that is “not a big deal” to him is NOT worth the aggravation. Now, asking him about guns or politics… well, he will ramble on FOREVER!

Asking a man’s opinion on decorating is like trying to include the groom while planning the wedding. They just don’t give a crap. HA. As long as there is beer/alcohol and food, then they are golden. At the wedding, of course. Not in the baby’s room. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past justin to have a mini fridge in the baby room for those nights when we are up all night. 😉 As for the baby’s room… as long as there is a place for baby to sleep, he thinks it’s okay. I bet he would leave all the guest bedroom furniture in the room and put baby Lukie in a dresser drawer if he could. I kid, but he did decide on the theme. I have to give him credit for that.

Space theme.

And so starts the obsessive behavior. What color paint? Should there be trim? What about the molding? What wall decal do I want? What crib should we get? What decoration would complement the color scheme? You know, important questions. 😉

Wall Decorations:

birth statsgreatest adventurelove to moonspaceship clock

A MUST-HAVE: star wars

This weekend was stressful for me. After the furniture was out, it was planning time. I didn’t want to buy an expensive nursery set (like in Austin’s room),

Baby room 006 Baby room 002 Baby room 003 Baby room 004 Baby room 005

so I was just going to put space themed accents. I wanted to get a big wall decal and coordinate colors and furniture around that. Then I decided maybe to start with a color scheme for paint and match to that. The hardest part was figuring out a place to start. I had a lot of ideas that were all over the place, but nothing that went together well.

elaborate decal

I don’t want dark paint, but this looks best with dark paint. I love the detail in this decal. It was the first thing I saved in my favorites on my Etsy account when Justin suggested a space-themed nursery. It was awesome and something Luke could grow into. Not too babyish.

name above bed

Cool, but too grown up and they only offer one paint color choice.

name above crib


wall decal

Cute, but expensive.


This looks awesome with the dark wall color, but I know I don’t want a dark nursery.

At the end of the day, I finally had something I liked. I copied and pasted images I found and used the paint colors I found in my Sherwin Williams swatches and made a sample nursery for Justin to finally look at.

Paint Colors:

icicle and navalnaval

Here is the sketch I made in paint so that I could visualize the room:

nursery sketch spaceship name

This is not going to be the crib and the border at the top will be up higher and smaller, but this is the gist of it.

It will also be accompanied by silver metallic wall decal stars & possible planets:

planet decals star decals

Odds are… I’ll have a new idea next week. Let’s hope I can pull this together before the baby is born.

Words to Live By:

words to live by


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