Murphy’s Law

Today was one of those Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days. It’s probably what Murphy had in mind when he wrote his law. The adage goes “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” This is exactly how I feel today.

I woke up this morning in a good mood and well rested. Austin was still asleep in his crib and it was already 7. I thought “lucky me!” I took advantage of that and took a shower and started to get my breakfast casserole started for my MOPs meeting (mother of preschoolers meeting at Skyline Church). Austin woke up as I was putting it in the oven. This is where things got “exciting.”

Time seemed to fly by and I was already feeling rushed. Austin ate and then I got dressed.

1. My clothes I picked out made me feel fat. So, of course, I needed to change about 10 times.

2. My purse wasn’t going to match (girl problems) so I had to switch that.

3. Bad hair day (enough said)

4. My casserole wasn’t done when we needed to leave… And neither was I.

5. Sara needed to go out, but wouldn’t go. Put her in the kennel in attempts to keep her from crapping in the baby room– yes, she has been doing that an awful lot.

5. Grabbed my purse, Austin’s bag, the casserole and smelled something nasty. Checked Austin’s diaper and, YEP, he had a present for me. Had to put everything down and change him.

6. Couldn’t carry the casserole and Austin so I had to make two trips.

7. Forgot my inhaler so I had to run back up… NO KEYS!

8. Locked myself out of the house with my keys in my other purse. Dad saves the day.

9. Hit EVERY red light.

10. Load Austin in the stroller and walk him up the steep hill only to realize I left my purse on the ground next to the car.

11. Austin didn’t want to be left alone at the daycare. He chose today to have separation anxiety. Calmed him down and kissed him goodbye.

12. Payday at MOPS.

MOPs was fun and the potluck was yummy (day is getting better)

13. Go home, let Sara out, get Austin set up with lunch, go to bring Sara in and find that she has RAN AWAY. Clean Austin up and let him play. Walk outside and up the street yelling Sara’s name.

14. Realize I left Austin in the house unsupervised for too long…

15. Chase Austin around the house and prevent him from going in the toilet seat I left open.

16. Clean up the toy mess he made in 2 minutes alone.

17. Sara comes home and then Justin comes home just as I’m getting ready to settle Austin down for nap.

Oh, what a lovely day. Obviously, these things in singular would be manageable, but one after the other after the other is no fun !

But at the end of the day, Austin is one of the only people who can make it all better. My superhero.





PS — I’m 27 weeks today 🙂


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