ESCAPE from Austin’s Room


Let me just begin this post by saying, “CURSE YOU, MOLARS!”

Austin has been trying to push out his molars for a while now. We had a nice little break in between the bad boys rearing their ugly heads. I attribute much of Austin’s poor sleep habits to his molars coming in. Not to mention the gallons of drool that seems to be leaking from his mouth all day long.

drooly baby molars coming in

We have struggled with nap time and bed time. Recently, I have gone to the length of laying on his floor napping with him. Being pregnant and on the ground is NOT ideal. Alas, I will give you a run down of what Justin and I go through trying to get Austin to nap. Enjoy.

Austin’s Nap Time (A Reinactment)


This is Austin’s room. It looks peaceful and a nice place to play and occassionally nap.

. . . . WRONG


This is my cot. My pregnant booty lays on this as a compromise to Austin. I will lay on this bed as long as he goes to sleep in his crib.


I lay down and look at the ceiling. I think to myelf, how long will this process take today.

Somedays, I like laying there napping with him because I, too, am exhausted. Today was not one of those days.


I look over at the silent crib. Is he asleep?


I turn and look over at the door. Can I make it out?

the floor CREEKS–


My eyes shoot over to the crib.

no youre not

A baby emerges. Austin- “Oh, I heard a noise. You better not be thinking about leaving. I’m dead serious. The answer is no.”


I shake my head and say shhhhh, go back to sleep, hunny. He catchs on to my plan . . . Austin- “So, you WERE trying to leave. Excuse me while I whine and cry.”


FOILED by a toddler!

Austin – “Muhahaha, that’s right. You lay yourself back down.”


I stare at the ceiling again. Damn . . .


I hear his breathing start to get heavy and his binkie sucks start to become far and few between. Can I make it out?

10 nope

[[Army crawl position]] Check. Back . . . Back . . . Shoot, the floor cracked. Body down to the ground! Look up at the crib. Okay, he’s still asleep.

13 14

Back . . . Back . . . OMG, I’m almost there!

15 16

Quietly closing the door. Oh crap, don’t wake up. Oh crap, don’t wake up.

Gently pull the door close. DO NOT turn the handle. It will click and squeek!

YES! Triumph.

& this is what nap time is like.


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