Bedtime Boycott: Round TWO

As I sit here in Austin’s room listening to his binkie sucks and his feet kicking against the crib railing I wonder to myself how long is it going to take him to fall asleep!? Just as I think that, he blows a raspberry. Wonderful, can he read my mind?

(PS- he DID NOT nap at ALL today.  I was in his room for a little over an hour.  He woke up at 5 am this morning.  No morning nap and no afternoon nap.  JOY)


I am so over this “phase.” Last night was horrible bedtime-wise. He has started a whiny-cry that gets on my last nerve. I tried to put him down at 7:30pm because he was showing the signs of being tired. He even went to the bed I lay on in his room and laid down in it and pointed at the crib.

Unfortunately, any noise during bedtime will send him shooting up to a standing position in his crib followed by a whine. If he thinks that he is missing anything fun outside of his room then he is NOT going to bed. Coincidentally, Daddy decided it would be a lovely time to play Halo online with his brother (he is loud). I, regrettably, left Austin’s door open a crack for easy escape. Well, once he heard Daddy playing video games he wanted out of his crib. Cue the whiny cry…

This is no ordinary whine.  It’s a long, drawn out whine/cry hybrid.  It is probably the most annoying thing I have heard in my life.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it is very maddening!

I don’t pretend to be a advocate of “gentle parenting.”  So, if my son is whining I am going to tell him to hush up and lay down in a stern voice.  I’m sorry if that offends some of you, but it is the truth.  I could shout obsinities at him, but I know that isn’t appropriate. 😉  He cannot and will not walk all over me.  Sorry.  I am the parent and he is the child.  He can determine when his bedtime is when he is an adult.  I wanted desparately for Austin to just lay down and go to sleep, but WE both knew it wasn’t going to happen.

I grabbed Austin out of the crib (knowing this attempt to get him to sleep was a failure) and I marched out to the living room to shoot Justin a dirty look and grab my phone and his water cup.  After that we tried watching a show to chill out.  Nope, he shimmied off the bed and attempted to go play Halo with Daddy.  Having a little drink? Not having it.  Laying on the floor in his room again?  Forget about it.   Nothing worked. He wanted to be up and WITH Daddy. I am so frustrated with this. He has a set bedtime and he needs to know I mean business and he needs to go to sleep alone. No more mommy or daddy laying on the floor until he goes to sleep. Right now I DO feel like Austin is winning this bedtime battle.  Way to go, mommy.  He IS walking all over you.  Austin- 1, Mommy- 0

Attempt at CIO

Well, last night we decided that we would let Austin Cry-It-Out (CIO). I am NOT an advocate of this sleep technique nor do I ever want to use it again. I am the type of mom who hovers over the monitor until my son is asleep.  This is half the reason why I feel like he walks all over us at bedtime.  I refuse to let him cry himself to sleep.  Have you ever cried so hard that you exhausted yourself.  It doesn’t feel good.  You have a killer headache, your eyes are hot, and your body just gives up.  Imagine that with your baby.

Anyways, we decided to let him CIO since he was whining more than crying.  Well, after laying him down for the night I layed on the floor with him and waited for the whining to stop.  It didn’t.  So, I left the room like Justin suggested and crept over to the monitor.  I watched him whine, moan, and cry for what seemed like an eternity.  I think it was about 10 minutes.  He finally figured out no one was coming in to meet his needs (heartbreaking) and layed himself down in his crib.  His eyes were dozing and his breathing was sort of a cross between whimpering and breathing.  I was crushed and broke down crying as well.  I felt like I had failed to meet his needs.  He was crying out for me or Justin and none of us came.  Yes, sleep is what’s best for him, but at what cost?  I want him to fall asleep with happy thoughts in his head of a great day and of his great parents.  NOT of how he was giving up because his mommy and daddy wouldn’t come comfort him.  What if he was whining because his ears hurt (he has been tugging at them), or because his molars hurt?  I will never know because he can’t communicate in the normal way.

He didn’t stay laying in his crib long before he was up again and crying.  At that point, I HAD to go in there.  I got some dirty looks from Justin (we have different parenting philosophies) as I walked over to Austin’s room.  I lifted him out of his crib and hugged him.  I guess it was my way of saying sorry for putting you through this.  However, once he realized we weren’t leaving the room, he started whining again.  I tried sitting in the rocking chair with him and standing up and rocking him trying to settle him down.  Nope.  So, we layed down on the makeshift bed on the floor and I rubbed his back as he cuddled against me on the small folded blanket.  He fell asleep on the floor with me.  It made me feel better knowing that he DIDN’T go to bed crying.  I’m sure Austin liked this option better as well.  My back ached, but I realized it was worth it.  Maybe things will change when I can have a convorsation with him and reason with him, but until then, I will do what works for him.  (within limits 😉



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