My Pregnancy Journey: Week 29

I am in the 29th week of this pregnancy and time has flown by. I cannot believe we will get to meet Cool Man Luke in a short period of time. It seems like the more you have to do (ie- toddler, work, chores, TODDLER), the faster time flies.

29 WEEKS (2)

How far along? 29 Weeks (well, closer to 30 weeks, but at least I posted)


Total weight gain: Not sure. I bet I gained another pound or two. I go in for my OB appointment this week.

Maternity clothes? Yes since my regular shirts are becoming too short for my growing belly. 😦 My tank tops still fit, though. Love shirts with spandex.

Stretch marks? Not yet, but the linea negra started to show up again. :/

Sleep: Austin is finally becoming more manageable during bed and nap time. He has his moments, but he is better for the most part.

sound machine

We also got a recommendation from a friend of mine to get a projector/sound machine for bedtime. I got it this week from Target for only $20 and it works wonders. It cancels out the sound from outside his room and gives him a little show to look at on the ceiling while he is winding down. So far he is really enjoying it and so am I.

I am having a hard time sleeping now. Every position is uncomfortable and I am waking up all the time. I NEVER feel like I get enough sleep.

Best moment this week: We started Luke’s nursery! Justin and his brother started painting the room. Yippee. We had a few hiccups with paint color, but it all turned out okay.

Miss Anything? I miss being able to walk without waddling.

Movement: He isn’t moving an awful lot and it has me concerned. I almost wish he was as active as Austin just so that I know he is okay in there.

Food cravings: fruit and veggies! Salads are yummo!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Cool Guy Luke (boy)

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks. I am definitely feeling these a lot more and a lot sooner. It is making it VERY uncomfortable to be mobile. I sport the cool waddle when I get them. It is SO hard to walk while my belly is hard. It is like having a basket ball between your legs.

Symptoms: the usual.

Belly Button in or out? It is becoming a outie.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. My rings are a little small to begin with. Boo.

Happy or Moody most of the time: A little bit of both.

Concerns: I feel like I am not getting enough quality time with my husband. I know Luke will be here in a short period of time and we will spend even less time together. We are constantly tending to Austin or getting stuff around the house done. Most nights we go to bed shortly after Austin. We definately need to make US TIME a priority before we end up like roomates instead of husband and wife.


I recently listened to Arlene Pellicane, a guest speaker at my MOPs meeting, talk about making your husband happy and having a successful marriage. She was whitty, enthusiastic, and very entertaining to listen to. After I dive into the countless books on my TO-READ list, I most certainly want to get my hands on her book — 31 Days to a Happy Husband. You know the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”? I think the same is true for a husband. If you make him happy, he will want to make you happy. I hope we can work on strengthening our marriage and becoming best friends and lovers again.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery done.

IMG_1411 IMG_1421

We just need to put up the molding and the ceiling fan. I think Justin and Carl (his brother) got ALOT done this weekend. You can check out our progress here.


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