30 & 31 Weeks: My Pregnancy Journey

30 weeks (2)

I am sorry I  haven’t written in a while.  It has been a rough couple of days since Justin is away for work.  I have been writing articles for my freelance job and when I am not lesson planning or finishing articles I am chasing after Austin and sleeping when he sleeps.  Anyways, here is my weekly update (2 weeks included).

*** for some reason this post was deleted and it reverted to the last time I saved it.  WHOOPS.

30 weeks 30 weeks (3)


31 weeks 31 weeks (2) 31 weeks (5)

How far along? 3031 WEEKS! (Can you tell I am running on empty here? Very tired and Very uncomfortable)

Total weight gain: According to my last OB appointment, I lost 3 pounds.  I feel bigger, but I weigh less.  Interesting.

Maternity clothes? I have a lot of maternity long-sleeved shirts, but it has been hot lately so I have been reverting back to my regular shirts and tanks.  My belly hangs out of the bottom of some of the shirts.  Sexy, I know.

Stretch marks? No.  But if they happen then they happen.  You cannot really prevent stretch marks no matter how much body butter you put on.

Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping well overall since I am getting much bigger, but it’s even harder to fall asleep since Justin has been away for work.  I miss my protector :*(

Best moment this week: I have loved all the time I have been spending with friends and family.  I got to see two friends that I haven’t seen in FOREVER! I’ve missed you Bri and Chelsea.  I also spent time with my mom, gramma, and the Perez family.  I have had a hard time with Austin this week and was so grateful to get out of the house and spend time with people who could help relieve some of the chaos that ensues when Austin gets CRAZY.  A big thanks to my mom, gramma, and the Perez family for having us over for dinner and bath time this week.  You all really helped me out immensely.  I love having a great group of friends and family.

I also got a few goodies in the mail!

 (This is not a ring sling, but it is the same wrap used for my WCRS)

  • A brand spanking new Co-Sleeper!  Thanks, Auntie for buying us the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper.  This is definitely going to help me get as much sleep as possible during the first few months.  Obviously Luke will sleep in his crib eventually, but Mommy needs some nights where she doesn’t have to fall asleep in her rocking chair just long enough to wake up and nurse again.

Miss Anything? My husband.  Glad he got home tonight.  It is true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  I appreciate him so much more when we have to spend time apart.  I think this is the first time and longest time that he has been away from Austin since he was born.  I could be wrong… I have a horrible memory.

Movement: He is certainly moving more.  I think his body is getting too big and he is getting cramped.  His movements are becoming more like rolling motions when he turns over or moves his arms or legs.  I can feel his little feet or hands going from one side to the other.  So small and precious.

Food cravings: Salads and ice-cold juice or water.  YUM!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: B-O-Y

Labor Signs: I have been getting an absurd amount of Braxton Hicks contractions.  It has been a little alarming since they happen way more frequently than with Austin.  I asked my OB and she assured me that it was normal for a second pregnancy to have more of these contractions and sooner than the previous pregnancy as well.  I get them the most when I am walking, driving in the car, or if I need to drink more water.

Symptoms: HOLY BACK PAIN, batman!  I have been so uncomfortable and tired these past weeks.  My back has also been killing me.  It is even worse if I eat too much.  I feel like my insides have nowhere to go or expand so everything is crunched or pushing outward.  Apparently things are wanting to push into my back as well.

Belly Button in or out? OUTIE.. 😦 boo.  Never had a outie with Austin.  However, I am carrying this baby differently.  I am more belly and less all-over like with Austin.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.  😦 my fingers are swollen, I guess.

Happy or Moody most of the time: tired, frustrated, and sad.  Austin has been whiny and has been throwing temper tantrums.  It is taking all of my patience (I was not made with an abundance of this) to keep from yelling or being mean.  I do not like this shift in personality.  I hope it is temporary because he is getting out of hand.  He needs to learn that Mommy doesn’t let him do things for his own safety not because I want to be mean.  So, climbing on the kitchen table, scaling the computer desk to get to things up high, and trying to go down our steep slope in the backyard is off limits.  He totally wants to be a big boy and do what everybody else does.  Austin is learning what time-out is as well.  He has learned that it is NOT fun. lol

… PS- You cannot reason with a strong-willed toddler.  You can only distract them.  Oye.

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to quite a few things.

  • We finally have an appointment scheduled with the pregnancy specialist to have a consultation and a level 2 ultrasound done at 34 weeks.
  • Splash park with Megan, Mady, and Kolton!
  • Getting a crib for Luke
  • Finishing the nursery molding

I can also tell you what I am NOT looking forward to… bathing suit season.

31 weeks (4)

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.


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