My Pregnancy Journey: 33 & 34 Weeks

Whoa, this pregnancy flew by. I forgot to post a 33 week update, so I have some pictures to share.

33 Weeks 33 Weeks  (2)

33 Weeks

34 Weeks (2) 34 Weeks (3)

34 Weeks

Look at that BELLY!

ALSO, we have a baby UPDATE!

I went in for my Level 2 ultrasound on Wednesday to see how Lukes kidneys were doing. Unfortunately, I had to go the appointment alone. I went to the same office building that I go to for my OB. Actually, it’s on the same floor. When I got there I made a pit stop at my OB office to drop off some newborn formula I got in the mail. UMMM, how the heck does Similac know that I am pregnant. Who is giving out my information!? Anyways, I’m sure I made a mother very happy with my free formula.

After that, I waddled down the hall to go the Pregnancy Specialists office. It was a little uncomfortable being in there with all the pregnant women. Most of them were in there for level 2 ultrasounds as well and most likely for some sort of complication. The office had a very somber atmosphere and most of the women were accompanied by their significant others. I flew solo that day like most of my appointments this pregnancy.

After I filled out their packet, I was seen relatively quick. After a quick bathroom break (I seem to be making quite a few of these breaks recently), I laid on the table and waited to be seen. It was a huge room with a few chairs and a pretty expensive looking ultrasound machine. I felt like someone should have come with me. Oh, well. The technician came in and got right to work. “pull down your pants past your butt and let’s get started. ” Okay lady, but I just met you. I complied. She was very nice after our awkward meeting. I guess if you do this all day long a little thing like a greeting seems commonplace and often forgotten. HA! The best part about this visit (besides getting some cute pictures and seeing my little Lukie) was the fact that BOTH of his kidneys were in normal range. No follow-up necessary. Yippe.

Here are a few other things that we talked about:

  • I have a 3 vessel cord (which is awesome since I only had a 2 vessel cord with Austin)
  • his right kidney was a little enlarged with fluid (found out it is within normal ranges)
  • left kidney looked normal
  • he was sleeping away while we poked and prodded him
  • he has chubby cheeks just like his big brother
  • measured 5 pounds and 2 ounces (BIG boy)
  • he was sleeping with his arm over his face and with a little grin
  • the technician tried poking him to move his arm and he immediately gave us a frown– doesn’t like being touched haha
  • he is BREECH and my OB needs to discuss a birth plan with me at 36 weeks

34 week US0004 34 week US0003 34 week US0001 34 week US0002

First, he is grinning. Then we poke him and he frowns.

34 week US0005 34 week US0006

chubby cheeks!


DARN! Why couldn’t it all be good news. Luke is breech and I guess that would account for all the movement I am feeling in the cervix area! His head is nestled nicely on my right side near my ribs and his little feetsies are kicking away down in the nether-regions! I really hope he turns before I deliver because I would LOVE to have another vaginal birth and not have to go through major surgery. Your thoughts and prayers would be awesome right now.

34 Weeks (4)

How far along? 33-34 weeks

Total weight gain: 28 pounds (I only gained 1 pound in 2 weeks)

Maternity clothes? getting a little bored with my selection, but can;t justify spending money on more “fat” clothes

Stretch marks? nope, but I am definitely feeling stretching and tightness.

Sleep: It is getting progressively worse. I am uncomfortable in almost any position.

Best moment this week: Finding out Lukie’s kidneys are A-O.K.

Additionally, we painted our WHOLE house, got BRAND NEW carpet, and I am ALMOST done with Luke’s room. GiGi bought us an awesome crib and changing table with all of the bells and whistles. Thanks, GiGi! I will post pictures of our house and Luke’s room when I get the chance (and remember).

Miss Anything? being able to nap when I wanted to. Having a toddler is no joke. I am tired ALL THE TIME! I could go for a nap any time of the day, but when bedtime rolls around I suddenly am wide awake. Also, when Austin’s nap time comes I always find something to do around the house.

Movement: he is pretty content right where he is. Not a while lot of movement, just kicks to the cervix still. I used to think he would be early, but now I think he is staying put. Hopefully his chill personality will stay with him when he is out of the womb.

Food cravings: chocolate ice cream. I am actually craving a Jamba Juice right now, though.

Anything making you queasy or sick: oddly, Oreos have made me feel sick. They looked tasty, but we DEFINITELY not!

Gender: Bundle of B-O-Y

Labor Signs: I have been having a lot of Braxton hicks contractions. Hopefully that means my body is trying to tell this little bugger that he needs to flip.

Symptoms: CHARLIE HORSES at night! I will jolt Justin awake just so he can help me massage out the excruciating pain! I could do without these, thanks! I already get little to no sleep at night. Did I mention that I make a lot of bathroom breaks. Oh yeh, those are mostly at night.


Belly Button in or out? outie! stop asking me!

Wedding rings on or off? still off. I wear another ring that fits well.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Hmm.. moody? I am tired a lot — so yes — I am moody.

Looking forward to: finishing up Luke’s room. I just need to put up the wall decals and it is done. I am also looking forward to hanging out with my mom this weekend and going shopping for cloth diapers. I’ll post more on this little endeavor later. Here is the first cloth diaper I have bought this pregnancy.


A Charlie Banana all in one cloth diaper in Orbit


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