My Pregnancy Journey: Weeks 36 & 37



Mommy Update:
Man oh man! I just cannot shake this cold. I got sick around 36 weeks and just can’t get rid of this awful thing. Runny nose, (TMI Warning) green snot, headaches, and overall just feeling like crap. It is SOOOO bad at night. At 36 weeks, my doctor prescribed me sleeping pills because I, to say it bluntly, looked like crap. I hadn’t been sleeping well and woke up multiple times during the night. I was just starting to get my cold; I thought it was allergies. I took those -sleeping pills- for a few nights and found that they helped me go to sleep and fall back asleep after I woke up, but they didn’t KEEP me alseep. I still woke up. I ditched those because who wants to be taking medication while pregnant anyways? Well, my sleep is even worse now. Who knows if it was that short time of taking those sleeping pills or if it’s just coincidence. Either way, I have crappy sleep EVERY night. Honestly, I am afraid of this baby coming because I DO NOT have the energy for labor and delivery.

Recently, my sickness has gotten worse. Tired all day from the lack of sleep, not being able to fall asleep when it’s bedtime (most times until 1 am), waking up uncomfortable or needing to pee, sore joints and body aches, stuffed up nose, feeling anxious because of the stuffed nose, sore throat because of the mouth breathing, and an annoyed husband. I’m hot then I’m cold. Bedtime is HELL!

Oh, and guess what?!?! My lovely wisdom tooth decided now is an opportune time to finish coming in. It came in partially earlier in the pregnancy and then stopped. Now it wants to finish what it started. All I can say is that it is the most painful thing I have experienced in a long time. The whole right side of my face hurts and Tylenol rarely does anything. I try to only take it once a day and when I cannot stand the pain. Last night I caved in at 1 in the morning and took it because I felt horrible.

The cherry on the top is the fact that my husband has no sympathy for pregnant women or me being sick. But all you ladies know that when your husbands have colds, it’s the end of the world. (HaHa). Shh, pretend I didn’t say all that. He may read this. 😉 Anyways, sometimes I just want to be taken care of and hugged.

Baby Update:

Luke is finally head-down! YIPPEE. At my 36 week appointment they busted out the U/S machine and checked. I knew he turned. Hopefully he stays down because I would love to avoid major surgery and the risks that come along with it (baby and mommy alike).


How far along? 37 weeks

Total weight gain: 29 pounds still. I had gained one pound at 36 weeks and lost it by 37 weeks.

Maternity clothes? yep

Stretch marks? My lovely star formation of stretch marks around my belly button.

Sleep: HA. What’s that. No, but really…. 😦

Best moment this week: Okay, let’s look at the positives instead of me wanting to feel better and pop this baby out. Justin and my dad put up the window blinds (thanks Mom & Martin for buying them for us) in Luke’s room and started the crown molding. That room is so uneven that putting up the crown molding is a pain in the pattootie!

Luke now has a baby monitor in his room thanks to Auntie Marianne. She purchased an extra camera so I can just flip through the channels on my old monitor to see Luke and Austin’s room. I really like this baby monitoring system. I highly recommend it. Night vision & sound. My version doesn’t have color though.


Miss Anything? sleep! and my health

Movement: He is moving a lot.

Food cravings: Nope.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Bundle of B-O-Y

Labor Signs: I think my belly dropped. He feels very low. Still getting Braxton Hicks contractions as well.

Symptoms: fatigue, joint pain … I am over being pregnant. I want to feel normal again and not uncomfortable all the time.

Belly Button in or out? outie. It comes out even more when I cough.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Miserable.

Looking forward to: The baby coming. 🙂 Speaking of which, I need to pack my HOSPITAL BAG!

… but right now I will nap because that is what Austin is doing and my headache is creeping in.


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