The Waiting Game

Dani is here!
My friend got here on Thursday from Corpus Christie, Texas. Her reason for coming… To be here for the birth of my second. She was here for the birth of Austin so she obviously had to come out for this one. 😉

Since she’s gotten here we have been on baby watch. We have walked around a bit and hoped for a fast labor. Nothing yet and I am fast approaching 39 weeks.

There have been guesses for Luke’s birth day that have come and gone. Dani’s mom said Friday. My grandma said Saturday which would have been appropriate since it was May the 4th and everyone was making Star Wars comments (May the Fourth be with You) and our son’s name is Luke. HA. I predicted Sunday because Justin had duty at work and it would figure that I would go into labor then, but Luke has other plans. Dani says today because it is a rainy day and all good things in my life have happened on rainy days. I got married and had Austin while it was raining. Hopefully Luke follows that trend.



On Saturday, we went to the Maritime Museum and walked around the chocolate festival and saw all the ships. We had forgotten the stroller, but Austin was more than happy to walk around. Afterwards, we went to Seaport Village. Austin was getting a little tired so we busted out the Tula baby carrier. Austin doesn’t usually like being worn, but he must have liked the Tula. This Tula is brand new (to me) and I haven’t even worn it yet. Glad Austin could break it in for Luke.



I’m going to miss our alone time. I worry how Austin will adjust to the new baby and that he will now have to share Justin and I. We will see.


Oh yeh, we also tried eating pineapple to induce labor. It worked last time for me. While I did get contractions, I didn’t go into full on labor.

It’s Monday now and the waiting game is still on.


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