My Pregnancy Journey: The Home Stretch


So, here I am, almost 40 weeks pregnant. I figured I wouldn’t reach my due date, but Luke has decided he wants to make us wait. Since I didn’t post from 38 weeks on, this is a cumulation of these past 3 weeks.

Here are a few picture updates:

zoo fun  treat

We walked around the zoo to try and get labor going

safari park fun

Went to the Safari Park the next day

pool pool 2

pool 3 pool 4

Pool time at Amber’s house on Saturday.

pool 5 pool 6

That IS a pummace stone… not poop in the pool. haha

pool 7 pool 8 pool 9

Austin had a GREAT time in the pool.

pool 10 pool 11

Baby Update:

Luke is still head down and while my body keeps telling me it’s almost time, Luke seems to be stalling. I’ve had three days this past week that I’ve had contractions ALL day (5-10 minutes apart). Nothing too strong or intense, but definitely there.

39 weeks

How far along? almost 40 weeks

Total weight gain: I have been dropping and gaining weight.  My total weight gain is somewhere around 30 pounds.

Maternity clothes? of course.  Although being THIS pregnant has made my belly drop considerably and come out of my shirts a little.

Stretch marks? ya

Sleep: Fortunately, I am sleeping well.

Best moment this week: It was been nice being able to hang out with Dani.  It is going to be sad to see her leave to go back to Texas on the 20th.

Mother’s Day was very nice as well.  We went to Chile’s and had a yummy lunch.  Then my mom, Dani, and I went to get our toes done.  After that, Dani and I went to the mall to walk the baby out (with no success).  Justin got me a really nice set of knives for Mother’s Day.  I cannot wait to use them.  Tacos are on the menu for tonight so I will have fun cutting the lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

Miss Anything? I miss NOT being pregnant.  I am just about done carrying Luke inside me.  I’d like to meet you lil dude.

Movement: Yep.

Food cravings: Nope.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Most recently, I threw up brushing my teeth.  My gag reflex is very sensitive while pregnant.

Gender: Bundle of B-O-Y

Labor Signs:  … okay let me update you

Monday, the 6th of May — That night (around 9 pm) I started to have contractions that were 10 minutes apart.  They went from 10 min. to 7 mins. to 5 mins. to 3 mins. apart pretty quickly.  We thought THIS may be the real thing.  I wasn’t in too much pain, but I assumed I would be shortly.  Justin was persistant about going into the hospital, but I wanted to wait it out and see if I could hold out at home.  Sitting in a hospital bed all night wasn’t going to be fun.

Anyways, we ended up calling my mom to  watch Austin and calling Dani to come over and go with us.  We left at around 11 pm.  I went to triage and got monitored and checked.  The nurse had said I was only 2.5 to 3 cm dilated.  OH PHOOEY!  They were NOT going to admit me.  So, I sat on the monitor a bit longer (contracting) and was released at around 1:30 am.  It was all a very disappointing experience.  Not to mention how tired we all were the next day.

ROUND 2 & 3 — I had two more days with contractions like the first time.  These contractions, however, lasted ALL day.  Again, they weren’t overly painful, but they were uncomfortable.  Yesterday was the most recent day of contractions.  It is getting pretty old having to endure all these contractions with no result.  I would feel better if I knew they were dilating me.

I did go to my 39 week OB appointment (which was after we went to triage on that Monday night).  My doctor actually said that the triage nurse was wrong and I wasn’t 2.5 to 3 cm dilated.  She said I was STILL only 1.5 to 2 cm dilated (just like my 38 week OB apt).  UGH!  She offered to schedule an induction.


My induction is sceduled for tomorrow…  I ended up going to see the induction receptionist and she had Tuesday, May 14th available.  I said that was fine (of course, it WAS a week away when I made the apt).  Now that the day is tomrrow I am getting really anxious.  I would rather go into labor naturally, but at the same time I would like to meet him and have Dani here.  She leaves in a week and I want her to have some time with him.  The risks of having a c-section go up when you induce and that really scares me because I would really like to avoid major surgery.  The doctor explained to me that if I didn’t make any progress (dilating) they would have to use two medications during induction day.  One is a pill like thing that goes near the cervix and dilates it and the other is pitocin that helps contractions progress.  I did have pitocin with Austin, but I went in at 4 cm dilated so I was already in active labor.  I will not be in active labor tomorrow (I’m assuming).  This whole process seems so unnatural and unnecissary.  I am seriously considering canceling or resceduling for later this week.  I know I shouldn’t go past 41/42 weeks because the risks of losing the baby go up and it puts me at greater risk as well.

I think my plan for today is to call my OB and schedule my 40 week apt today (if possible) so that they can check me for dilation.  If I am close to 4 cm then I will cancel my induction for tomorrow.  Otherwise, I think I may go through with it.    I will keep you posted.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly just impatient

Looking forward to: Labor and delivery day so I can meet this lil booger.

A day or a week … either way, a baby will be coming soon.  🙂


5 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Journey: The Home Stretch

  1. I was induced with Jack 2 days before my due date. I had two false labor episodes the week before. By the time I went in I was about 3cm/90 % I had pitocin – that was it. I was in labor for 6 hours and just about 2 hours of pushing. It was a good experience for me. I would prefer to go into natural labor next time around but I wouldn’t rule out another induction. I hope it goes smoothly for you!!! Can’t wait to see pics of little Luke! :}

  2. I was induced with Kailey and Kensley and had pitocin with all 3 kiddos. With Kailey they put a ballon thing behind my cervix to help me dilate because I was only 2cm and at 5 cm it falls out then they gave me the pitocin and popped my water. With Kensley I was only 1cm so they gave me this string thing that was suppose to dilate me but didnt work so they gave me the pill and instantly starting having contractions and started dilating. Then they gave me a little pitocin just to give my contractions a little boost then they popped my water. So you can say I’m a little experienced with inductions, lol. It’s very unlikely that you’ll have to have a c section from being induced especially since youve already had lots of contractions.I also highly recommend the pill for your cervix. I’m very excited for you and hoping you have him soon!!! 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

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