Bundle of Boy: Luke’s Birth Story

Luke’s Birth Story: The day my heart grew another size ❤


May 14, 2013

(Here is the AMAZING picture montage that my photographer created of Luke’s birth. ENJOY)

A week ago from today I met a handsome little boy who stole me heart.

The day started at 5 am at our house.  I woke up and got ready for the day.  I felt the anxiety creep in and tried to put it behind me.  I knew that sometime that day I would meet the little blessing I was creating for almost 10 months.

Our induction was scheduled for 7:30 that morning and the doctor advised me to eat a light meal because I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything for the remainder of the day.  We were to arrive there at 6:45 am to get admitted and prepped.  I ate a small meal of toast and a banana thinking that would be light enough.

Dani and my mom arrived around 6am so that we had enough time to get the hospital (factoring in traffic).  My mom was supposed to watch Austin while Justin, Dani and I went to the hospital.  Right before we were supposed to leave I brushed my teeth and either my gag reflex or anxiety got to me because I threw up all of my breakfast.

We ended up leaving the house around 6:20 and still needed to get gas.  A little later than anticipated, but we got there on time.  I didn’t even end up getting to the room until close to 8am.

1 mary birch

Once in the room we got situated and met the nurse who took my vitals and checked for dilation.  STILL 2 CM.  I was actually glad we scheduled an induction because I was sick of all the contractions that weren’t strong enough to dilate me, but still hurt.

She hooked up my IV and started the pitocin and antibiotic drip.  I was positive for group B strep, so I had to have antibiotics to ensure the baby wouldn’t get sick.

Contractions started around 9 am and were very light.  We watched The Big Bang Theory to kill time.

One of my OB doctors came in (at West Coast OBGYN you see at least 5 doctors, so you know one of them who delivers you.  They are all on call at different days and times).  She explained to me that they would break my water in a few hours after I finished a round of antibiotics.  She said I would deliver the baby within 12 hours.  I was praying she was wrong.

At around 1:40 PM contractions started getting painful and instead of asking for the epidural I asked for something through my IV.  They helped the first round (they last between 30 mins and 1 hour).

My water was broke at 2:15 pm and I was 3.5 cm at that time.  I asked for another round of the pain meds because the contractions were getting pretty intense.

Sometime close to 4pm I couldn’t handle the contractions anymore.  They were very painful and I was almost in tears.  I always psych myself out about the epidural hurting because I look at the needle and wonder how it could NOT hurt.  Well, let me tell you, contractions are a billion times worse than that needle.

The reasoning behind me waiting to get the epidural was because my first pregnancy didn’t go as I had planned.  I got the epidural early and pressed that magic “more” button way too many times.  I was so afraid of the pain that I literally numbed myself to the whole experience.  I couldn’t feel the urge to push and I didn’t even know if I was pushing correctly.  I felt drugged up and feel like I didn’t connect as much with Austin in those first few moments.  I felt guilty that I didn’t cry.  Well, this time I promised myself that I would go as long as I could without the epidural and avoid pressing the button for more epidural.  Well, what I lacked with my first birth, I gained with this one.

Turns out that when I asked for my epidural I was close to 9.5 cm already.  I went from 3.5 cm to almost fully dilated.  When the nurses tell you that you can’t get an epidural after a certain point don’t believe then because I got my epidural at almost fully dilated.  While my contraction pain did go away in my stomach area, everything below it was still only partially numb.  I definitely felt the urge to push AND everything else that goes along with pushing.

The nurse got the anesthesiologist for me and was updating my patient report while I was sitting in the bed wondering if the feeling I was experience was the need to push.  I kept telling myself that it was too soon to have to push.  I JUST got my epidural.  Well, she checked me and I couldn’t have been anymore shocked.  Time to push.

I panicked a little because I had to call my photographer to get her to come down to Mary Birch to take pictures of the birth.  She was all the way in Escondido.  Turns out we would be waiting for the doctor as well.

2 push

The need to push was overwhelming and I told the nurse that I had to start pushing.  I started pushing at 4:30 for around 5 minutes.  I must have been making progress because she told me to stop for a little while so that she could call in the doctor.  Unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t in the hospital.  I had to “hold it” for what seemed like forever.  Doctor French hauled butt to get back to the hospital and I tried to NOT push for her and my photographer.  At one point, we all thought that I was going to have Luke without a doctor present.

The doctor and Elana, the photographer, came in around the same time.  I pushed for 6 minutes more and at 4:51pm Luke Alexander Pfeffer was born!

3 moment

I cried as soon as I saw him.  The whole experience was so fast and so emotional that it was hard not to cry.

6 me and my boy

I finally got the birth I was hoping for.  The whole experience was amazing.

support system  proud daddy

Looking back on it all I am so thankful I had my loving husband and friend by my side.

10 the weigh in

Luke weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds and 1 ounce.

11 shorty

He measured 18 and 1/4 inches long.  My little shorty.

13 hellp  5 beautiful

Holding my baby for the first time was so bittersweet.  Towards the end of the pregnancy, I felt like I would never get to meet him.

9 daddy admiring

Daddy was over the moon with joy and beamed just as bright as when Austin came into this world.

7 feeding  12 family

Little man started breastfeeding right off the bat.

8 bonding

We were in LOVE.

14 big brother

15 first meeting

Unfortunately, Austin didn’t take well to Luke or me being in a hospital bed.  He would not acknowledge Luke or come sit with me.  I was glad Austin was included anyways.

17 grandma

And Grandma got to be a part of it all.

We could not wait to leave and I could not wait to EAT!

The food there is always good and anything tastes amazing after being deprived of food all day.

love him

Luke did well at the hospital.  He passed all of his tests and ate, slept, and pooped like a champ.  Justin and I even had a celebratory sparkling cider at exactly a day after Luke was born.

Happy 1 day birthday, Luke!

sleepy  going home

We stayed for the 24 hours and got to pack up and head home at around 5:15 the following day.

1 Week later:

brothers bonding

I am thrilled to say that Austin is warming up to Luke and enjoys holding his baby brother.


And playing with him!

US 22 weekss

Good news: Grandma has finally gotten some bonding time with Luke because Austin would not allow it before today.dani

I really don’t know what I would have done without Dani here.  She has been SOOOOO much help with Austin and Luke and even me.  She cooked for us, tended to Austin, hung out with me, did things without me even asking for help, and became the rock she has always been.  It sucks being so far away from each other, but it is good to know that time and distance doesn’t affect the relationship we have.  No matter how much time as elapsed, we can still pick up right where we left off.  The Pfeffer’s will miss you a lot, Dani!

Other than that: Luke is feeding okay and sleeping a lot.  I don’t look forward to the day that Justin goes back to work.  It is going to be some feat adjusting to this new lifestyle.

Two kids under two?  I’m up for the challenge!

**A big shout out to my photographer, Elana, of Starshine Photography who did an amazing job with the birth pictures! We are so happy with the result. If you liked these pictures, please visit her facebook page and like it. I would highly recommend her birth package if you’re in the San Diego area!


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