Officially 2 Under 2

This mommy business is NO JOKE.


I was lucky enough to have help for these first three weeks. Justin had 10 days of leave, Auntie Dani stayed with us until the 20th of May, Grandma and GiGi helped out last week. And this week… Well, this week I had my first taste of being a mommy of 2.

grandma & luke GiGi grandma

Let me tell you, it is a juggling act.

First of all, let me catch you up on Pfeffer Family News.
We are currently in the process of being pre-approved for a new home loan. That’s right, we are selling our Spring Valley home and looking at moving somewhere in the Temecula, Murrieta, or Menifee area. Riverside County here we come. Justin got his orders to work with the LCACs up in Pendleton.
Honestly, the drive will be the same as if we stayed down here, but we would like a house we can grow into. We already feel at capacity in this three bedroom home with 4 people, 2 cats, and 1 dog.
As if having a newborn and toddler weren’t enough we plan on making a big move soon.

Adjusting to New Baby

    Big Brother

austin and mommy

Austin wanted NOTHING to do with baby Luke the first week of hom coming home. He insisted that he was just a visitor and kept repeating “bye” and blowing him kisses. Basically, this is my turf and you gotta go in sweet little Austin manner. Anyways, he has since adjusted (somewhat) and will now ask to hold him and bring Luke toys. Obviously this will take some time and adjusting. I still feel he hasn’t quite bonded just yet.


daddy & luke

Second time Daddy has been VERY helpful with wrangling the toddler and holding the newborn. He helps our with baths and bedtimes and lets me sleep in a little on weekends. So far, it has been a team effort. Luke seems to want to snack all day, so it is hard to chase around a toddler and get things done when I have a baby attached to the boob. Daddy has been awesome taking over at times.



In the world of Luke his needs are as follows: Eat, poop, sleep, repeat. Sometimes he switches it up and adds an extra poop in there to spice things up a bit. He likes to be held and does not really like his swing. He prefers sleeping a little upright or in the bed next to me. I tried to put him to sleep in his own bed last night, but FAILED. He woke up every 10 minutes. I caved and took him out in the living room with me while I read Baby Wise. I usually have to nurse him to bed and he sleeps in his co-sleeper next to our bed. I REALLY would like to get him on some kind of schedule because feeding on demand and co-sleeping is not for me. I read Baby Wise with Austin and he was on a schedule, going to bed by 6pm and sleeping for most of the night after he was 8 weeks old. Hopefully Luke will follow big brother’s lead. But I am starting to see how different they really are, so who knows how this plan will pan out.



Holy hell, adjusting to meeting the needs of two little people is tough. I am, however, proud to say that Austin has pretty much transitioned into wearing cloth diapers 90 percent of the time. Woot Woot. I make him wear disposables at night though. I like avoiding the morning poop in cloth diapers. We will start Luke on cloth diapering once I run out of sposies.
Austin has been getting into more trouble then I’d like to admit and it’s hard disciplining when I have Luke in my arms. I have been trying to keep Austin in line, but it seems this little regression is inevitable. I know he wants attention and ANY attention is good attention for Austin, even the bad kind. GiGi and Grandma have been coming over to play and it helps me out a lot. Austin loves it because he gets to do whatever he wants and I like it because I get a little Luke bonding time.
Today I had planned on a trip to target by myself and then a lunch date with Grandma. Well, Target never happened.
It took us almost an HOUR to get out of the house!

Here is a rundown:
6 am wake-up for Mommy and Luke for feeding and diaper change
7 am wake-up for Austin & playtime in his crib (so mommy can have 30 minutes of mental prep time before hurricane Austin is released)
7:30 am diaper change & breakfast
8:00 am play time and show time for Austin
8:30 am Mommy shower time
9:45-10:45 Try to leave the house
– Change Austin’s diaper
– Put on Austin’s shoes
– Nurse Luke
– Change Luke’s diaper & clothes
– Take Sara out
– Try to get Austin to come back inside
– Change Luke’s diaper AGAIN
– Put Luke in the car seat
– Smell more poop… decide to change the diaper later
– Go downstairs with Austin & diaper bag
– Put him in the car
– Pull out the car because I can’t fit Luke in on his side while it’s in the garage
– Grab Luke and put him in the back seat
– Realize it just took me an hour to LEAVE the house!
– Forget about Target and order items from

I think it will take a little time for me to get the hang of things and become more efficient!

Until then, I will do the best I can and limit myself to one goal a day for myself. I’m not supermom, you know! Tomorrow’s goal is to do Austin’s bedtime routine on my own.


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