Letter to the Seller

I was given this tip from my Realtor, Claudette. She told me that it could help our chances of getting our offer accepted if we sent a letter to the seller. She had said that one client accepted an offer that was slightly less than the top offer because she liked the family’s story and knew they would take care of the home.
Here are some tips for writing the letter:
* 1-2 pages tops
* mention each member of your family to get them aquatinted
* tell them what you like about their home
* what are you most excited about
* how will it fit your family’s needs
* add picture(s)
* hand sign it if possible
* attach it to your offer and cross your fingers

Here is an example of a letter I wrote.


Things to consider:
* don’t include your pets unless you know you are talking to a dog/cat lover. Some people may not care or want to know that animals will be living in their home.

Hope this helps you. This may not work for everyone or every time, but at least you tried and it shows the seller how much you want their home


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