The Offer is In!

Justin and I have made our fair share of trip up to Murrieta/Temecula/Canyon Lake over the past month. It’s high time we put in an offer on something.

Before I begin, let me update you on our home-selling progress. We are still in escrow with our Spring Valley home and will be closing on the 19th of July (hopefully). The buyer is then letting us rent-back for a month. Basically, he is letting us rent HIS house so that we can find and buy our next home (so nice of him). It’s weird to think this will be HIS home soon. Bittersweet. We have jumped through all the hoops necessary and now we are just waiting for his loan to go through and to sign the mounds of paperwork.

Home Loan Guide Article - Stack of Papers

Here is where things get a little complicated… Having contingencies on offers suck! We are still in escrow, so we don’t have the funds to put down on the new house yet. So, our buying a home over there is CONTINGENT on us selling our home down here. Most sellers don’t like seeing that in an offer and usually select another.

We are Looking to Buy in:
1. Canyon Lake
We have been searching for a while in Canyon Lake and nothing seemed to pop us that was perfect for us. It was either above our budget and BEAUTIFUL or below our budget and needed work done.

What is Canyon Lake:

* a large gated community that is so large it became it’s own city. A gated city (if you will)
* a huge lake for boating, swimming, and water sports that is just for Canyon Lake residents
* community events
* exclusivity (no one can come in who doesn’t live there unless we call the gate)
* security
* golf course
* tons of parks!
* pool and wadding pool for the kiddoz
* everyone drives golf carts to get to the different areas within Canyon Lake

2. Temecula
We put an offer in on a house in South Temecula when we first started looking. I am glad it was declined because the house was very small and not right for our family.

What Temecula has to Offer:

* close to the casinos
* close to the wineries
* great schools
* sports parks
* Old Town Temecula

3. Murrieta

So, today we put in an offer on a home in Murrieta. Justin is in love with it and I am “in like.” I had my heart set on Canyon Lake, but this home is really perfect for us. Justin found this gem on Redfin, an awesome website that lists homes for sale based on your search criteria (similar to Zillow and Trulia). Anyways, we drove up on Saturday to look at it with our Realtors. 5 bedrooms, almost 2,500 square feet and a pool! I was not sold on it this Saturday, but Justin was VERY MUCH IN LOVE. After seeing this home in Murrieta, I am starting to let go of the Canyon Lake dream. It was hard to beat the amenities of Canyon Lake, but things happen for a reason and this home may be IT for us. We will find out tomorrow if our offer was accepted.

I can’t wait to have my own pool!


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