We received some awesome news on Monday. Our offer was accepted. We are in escrow on a beautiful and spacious home in Canyon Lake and our inspection is scheduled for tomorrow!


So, you’re probably wondering what happened to the home in Murrieta. I will begin by saying that they were asking some pretty ridiculous requests.

First of all, our realtor knew the listing agent and got some clues as to what we should offer for the home in order for us to get accepted. We followed the listing agent’s recommendation and submitted a verbal offer that was 25K over the asking price. We also agreed to forfeit our escrow check as a sort of collateral.

Some of you are thinking, why the heck would you do that? Well, since we were still in escrow our offer was the riskiest. The sellers were concerned about our escrow falling through and not being able to pay for their home. We were only preapproved for a certain amount and anything over that amount we would need to pay for. We only had the funds if and when our home closed. The seller and agent wanted us to give them our $5,000 escrow money as a retainer in case our buyer dropped out (and we had to drop out). This way it would put our necks on the line and not just theirs.

[[It looks bad to a potential buyer if a home is “pending” and then falls out of escrow and goes back on the market. The perspective buyers may think there is something wrong with the home. I would think that.]]

Our realtor already said this was a risky move for us. She didn’t want us to lose $5,000. And rightfully so. Who has $5,000 to just give away?

Anyways, after that came the problems…

First they countered our offer with 2 grand over our offer. Okay, you JUST told us this amount would be sufficient and now you are telling us we need to pay more.. and 2K more none the less. That’s not even that much money. It’s more like a slap in the face.

Then, the listing agent comes back and says “OHHHHH, I am so sorry. It was a typo.” RIIIIIIGHT

Later they ask for $5,500 or 6,500 (we couldn’t quite understand them on the phone) instead of the original $5,000

(mind you, they still haven’t accepted our offer)

AND instead of giving us the full 17 days to complete the inspection… they bump it down to 24 hours! And its Fourth of July weekend!

Needless to say, we took our realtor’s advice and backed out. Not worth the risk.


We drove up to Canyon Lake last Friday (with two kids in tow) to look at a few houses with our realtor’s daughter. A few were okay and didn’t really wow. We did look at one that was awesome at first. It was two-stories, had a nice backyard with a gated pool, and a grassy area. I was in love & it was at the low end of our budget! Then, Justin began to notice little things about it. It looked upgraded and beautiful from a far and then after careful inspection you could just tell the work they did was unprofessional and done too quickly. Molding covered vents and floorboards had spaces between them. The fence in the backyard was obviously rusty and instead of replacing it they took a can of Rust-oleum to it. Nice job people. We knew we would have to put more work and money into it to fix their mistakes and shotty work.

Then, as luck would have it, a house came available while we were still there. It was a single-story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office, and a VERY open floorplan. The outside of the house was deceiving. It wasn’t ugly, but it didn’t quite have the WOW factor… until you went inside. This home was newly renovated and beautiful!

I plan on putting in bigger lantern-type outside lights and ripping out all the bushes and putting in some colorful bushes and small trees.

Porch swing, anyone?

As your walk into the house.

Kitchen with a beautiful backsplash & new appliances.

I’m loving the cabinets!

I am thinking of putting our large dining room table here or getting a cute little breakfast nook with benches.

Spacious living room.

The sunken living room will be for our TV and couches and the area near the sliding glass doors will be the kids’ playroom. I love being able to see everything from the kitchen!

The playroom and the office off to the side. Hopefully we can put our desk and a daybed in there for company. I am looking forward to my BFF Dani coming out in August and my Auntie coming out in September!

Large master bedroom

Lovely master bathroom.

The boys’ rooms! A & L will have their own bedrooms for now, but when we have our next baby they will be bunking together.

Kid bathroom. I might need to think of a way to make it more fun for the boys.

Justin’s garage. We want to insulate it and create an area in the rafters for storage.

Backyard where the kiddos will play.

& there is a park located a few houses down.

A few projects we want to begin after the house is ours:

  • Install a whole house fan
  • Install plantation shutters throughout the house
  • Finish the garage

I am oh, so excited to move into this house! Although it will be sad leaving my hometown and my family, I look forward to this new chapter in our lives. I know it is what’s best for our family. I just hope all of you (friends and family) will still come and visit even though we are a bit of a drive away.

Please continue to check back for new posts about our home buying adventure!


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