Life Update

Quite a bit has gone on since I last left you. Since I don’t have too much time to write I’ll give you a quick summary.


New Home

Last week we had our HOME INSPECTION. It went very well and things are moving along in the escrow process. Our realtors are amazing and on top of everything. I am so glad we got hooked up with them. I only hope they can find my friend a home soon so we can hang out up there together.

We are so excited to close on our new home and buy some toys and decorate the house. Justin is more excited about the man-toys and I want to decorate!

Current Home

We agreed to fix a few things for the new homeowner. One of the things we weren’t aware of until the inspection came back (broken beam in the attic). Crazy. It wasn’t as expensive as we thought and not as serious as it sounded.

We also had our appraisal and our home, thankfully, appraised for what we are selling it for.

Termite treatment is happening tomorrow. Apparently termites are very common in San Diego. It’s pretty frustrating for home-owners and buyers alike. I hope our new home isn’t affected.

The last part of the selling process is on the horizon: signing our home away.

I am taking things one day at a time, but I know some day everything we are going through is going to compile and I am going to have a mental breakdown. It’s crazy to think I will be leaving my hometown and my family/friends. It’s exciting and scary all at once. I think Justin and I are still relishing the idea of owner a nicer and better home in a better neighborhood that it hasn’t sunk in that we will be MOVING. More so for me than for him. I need to hold my sh&* together for my kids and my Grandma and Mom. It is definitely going to be tough leaving them….

MOVING ON so I don’t have my meltdown early. I’d like to save that for the U-Haul drive. Lol

The Boys

picky eater

Austin has become such a finicky eater. I plan to write a post entitled Perils of a Picky Eater. But for now I’ll let you know that he is so difficult! He is a moody eater. And when I say moody, I mean that he has to be in the mood for the food I serve him. Otherwise its meltdown central in the Pfeffer household. He will push it away or resist being put in his highchair/booster. UGH.

He also got his third professional haircut this weekend. He had his first haircut at Pigtails & Crewcuts (success), his second at Fantastic Sam’s (epic failure accompanied by a horrendous fit), and his third/current haircut back at Pigtails and Crewcuts. We usually have my bff’s mom cut his hair for us and it looks good. We thought someone he knew doing it would help with the tears. This time was OKAY. He whined a little. I think the fact that there was another boy screaming his lungs out helped Austin keep his crap together. That and I had Team Umizoomi on my iPhone and M&Ms on hand. haha We treated him with French fries and water play for being such a big boy. Successful day.

no neck luke

Luke has been such a sweet little boy. He is not too needy and is content sitting in his rocker while I tend to Austin. Today he went in for his 2 month well baby check up. Luke is 14 pounds (90th percentile)!!!! He also got his first round of shots. 3 shots and 1 oral! I usually split up his shots up so that my boys only have 2 at most. However, we are leaving for New York on Friday and wanted him vax-ed up before the plane ride. I have never heard Luke cry like he did today after his shots. Truly ♥ heartbreaking.


He was fine for a couple hours afterwards, but around 1:30 he was miserable. He wouldn’t eat and NOTHING made him happy. He cried for around 30 minutes straight and passed out on me . . . sweaty and whimpering. I did give him some Tylenol (as recommended by his pediatrician). I wasn’t going to initially, but he was in so much pain/discomfort that I had to. Poor little guy. He is awake now and a little whiny, but will crack a few smiles for me. Bless his little heart.


Our Up and Coming Trip

In the midst of this buying and selling fiasco, we are traveling to New York/Massachusetts for 10 days. Way to plan a trip, right?

Anyways, I will be doing laundry & packing like a mad woman the next couple days.

****Thank gosh for GiGi because I would not have gotten anything done without her. Love you, GiGi!

I’ll post about traveling with our toddler and baby at some point.

So, we went from

Listing our house >>>prepping for open house >>> having an open house >>> accepting an offer >>> going through escrow (signing papers, inspection, termites, repairs, etc.) >>> driving up to Temecula/Murrieta/Canyon Lake to look for homes >>> putting in offers (2) >>> getting our offer accepted >>> going into escrow >>> new home inspection >>> packing here and there >>> planning/packing for a trip across country with a toddler and infant (what was I thinking) >>> hoping escrow on both homes goes well while we are away

all while keeping up with the house, a crazy toddler, and a newborn.

I am amazed at how well I have been able to hold it all together recently. Time to give myself a proverbial pat on the back. 😉


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