Beautiful Distractions

So, I had originally planned to get a blog post under my belt. But as my kids would have it, I’m posting from my phone again.
Yesterday was a busy day and I had zero time for myself. I was even organizing our filing cabinet into the wee hours of the night.
I tried to get some pictures of our home this morning, but didn’t want it looking so messy. I tried cleaning up, but Austin had other things in mind. Needless to say, there aren’t any new pix of our home that I’d let you see.
While I was picking up, Austin snuck off into my bedroom. A quiet toddler is NEVER a good toddler. He managed to empty our toilet paper roll into the master bathroom toilet. He also tried to pull it all back OUT of the toilet… onto the bathroom floor. Joy. While I was cleaning up that mess he dumped all his balls all over the playroom floor.

I was upset about my little distraction until I saw this quote on my news feed…


In light of this, I am giving up on my original plan to post an update and have decided to play with my kids.
Happy Hump Day, everyone!


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