Toddler Battle Scars

Austin has not had much luck in our new house. He’s suffered 2 knarley boo-boos. One was from Sara knocking him into the concrete wall out back (left) & the other one was a nasty spill on our tile step.

The first ouchie happened while I was out back with Austin and Luke. I didn’t see it happen because I was attending to Luke. It looked very painful and I felt horrible afterwards. I got some flack from Justin as well for not “warching” Austin. I felt back enough as it was. it happened on my watch. He IS a boy, however, and that was probably going to be the first of many boo-boos. AND IT WAS.

The next bruise/cut came while Dani was here ( Thank gosh! ).

It was late afternoon. Dani and i were in the family room with Luke. Austin was running in the playroom (chasing Sara) and fell (tripped over his own feet no doubt) and hit his forehead on the tile step. I am amazed he didn’t break skin. There was a lovely indent and immediate bruising. He let out a loud wail and started crying immediately. I picked him up and tried to console him, unknowing of his bump (again, i hadn’t witnessed it). I examined him with Dani and she found the bruise/indent.

I had a feeling that i should take him to the ER to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. The indent and bruising made it look bad. i was used to Austin tripping, but not getting this hurt.

I found myself frantically running around the house trying to get things in order to leave with my crying toddler, baby, and Dani. I was basically acting like a chicken with its head cut off… utterly useless. Dani kept telling me things to grab.

Once we got in the car, I realized I had NO idea where the nearest hospital was. I left everyone in the packed car and ran over to my neighbors house across the street. She had her garage open so I knew they were home.

I rang the doorbell and heard a young girl say “I’ll get it,” but her mom opened the door instead. I started with “Hi, I’m your new neighbor.” She smiled and shook my hand. I bet she thought I was introducing herself because when I followed with “where is the nearest hospital” she looked a little bewildered. I explained the situation and she was nice enough to come over and check on Austin for me. Her husband came out as well and offered to help, but she kept motioning for him to go back in the house.

She started giving me directions tk our nearest hospital just as Justin came home. Upon seeing Austin (he flashed his devilish smile), she said I shouldn’t waste my time in a hospital ER and recanted that her son had broken his head open (blood gushing and all) 4 times before he was 4. She told me the signs of a concussion and what to watch for. I was so glad I knocked on her door because she basically saved us a long night at the ER waiting to be seen.

She was right (and Justin suggested we stay home as well). I guess i was just a worrisome mother wanting someone to tell her her baby was ok.

After Austin calmed down he was back to his normal self. His poor little head beat up and bruised; it’s so heartbreaking.

He went to bed fine, but did end up waking up in the middle of the night. I figured his head hurt and gave him some ibuprofen for it and Justin cuddled with him until he went back to sleep.

I am so glad i had such a good support system (Justin, Dani, and my neighbor) to keep my head on straight. Next time I’ll try to keep my cool better. I’m sure my crazy mom status freaked both my boys out. What’s funny is that Dani and Justin called my actions “freaking out” and I thought I handled it better than normal. Hey, I wasn’t crying. Haha.


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