A { BLESSED } life

MY STORY BEGINS with a loving mother + a hardworking father. Mornings filled with praise + guidance, evenings spent at the dinner table recanting the day’s events, + nights filled with bedtime stories and kisses goodnight.

pink heart

IT CONTINUED with a childhood full of excitement, LOVE, family, + friends.
The people in my life inspiring, motivating, + pushing me to be the best ME that I could possibly be.


I made mistakes, I learned from them. I pushed myself + GREW. I accepted change + challenges and rejected hate + fear.
I GREW as a student. I GREW as a daughter. I made myself GROW as a person.

I thought to myself, “it can’t get any better than this”



I promised my HEART, I said “I do.” I loved + honored + cherished.

We changed for each other, we went on adventures, we fought, we made up, + we grew.
I held his hand and he held mine back +

I thought to myself, “it can’t get any better than this”



Our life was BLESSED with tiny hands + TINY FEET that filled our hearts with love.
Baby giggles + toothless smiles. More joy than ever imagined.


TWO tiny people who needed me as much as I needed them. A mother, a friend, a playmate, + TEACHER. A job too important to miss.

Decisions were made and a stay at home mommy I became to give them the life they DESERVE.

The search began to balance family + work while keeping them both at home.

MY STORY CONTINUES with a charming, spunky, + crazy neighbor who opened my eyes to so much.

I asked her for help, I confided my worries, and she shared in all of my JOYS.

She showed me her LOCKET + I thought more about it + decided to give it a try.

ORIGAMI OWL was the name + story telling was the game. So now I’m telling you MINE.


A HEART for the love of my family + friends, a TREE for all that I grew. TWO FEET for my boys + an APPLE for being their teacher. INFINITY for our love never ending + BLESSED so I’ll always remember.

You’ve heard my story now help me tell yours of your PASTS, your PRESENTS + FUTURES.

Now I think to myself, “it can’t get any better than this”





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