Happy 2nd Birthday, little man

Dear Austin,

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It seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time.  I remember the moment the doctor handed you to me.  You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.  I held my breath as I waited for your first cries and I remember stroking your little tiny hand repeating your name over and over again until you finally let out a wail.  You were such a great baby and you were so HAPPY all the time.  You were immediately LOVED by all who met you.


These past 2 years have flown by and I cannot believe how big you’ve gotten.  You are so independent and strong-willed.  Sometimes you are challenging, but most of the time you are LOTS of fun.  I am amazed at how much you are talking now.  You used to have your own little language that I swore only you could understand.  Now you let me know when you want to go “Owe-side,” but then I have to remind you that we need to put your “shu shus” on.  You love your “WOOF WOOF” and ask to watch your shows a lot.  You think everyone at the door is “GiGi” and I am ALWAYS happy to kiss your “owies.”

You LOVE your “DADA.”  Recently, you two have been going to bed together and I don’t see Daddy until the wee hours of the morning.  Daddy had to work late last night and I FINALLY got to cuddle with you.  I let you sleep in my bed and relished in the fact that I would be falling asleep next to a ONE-YEAR-OLD and waking up next to a TWO-YEAR-OLD. 


Today was you actual birthday.  Although, I don’t think you quite understand what that actually means.


You are just happy to get a cupcake placed in front of you.  We spent the day playing inside and waiting for daddy to get home.  We went for a boat ride and had your favorite meal: spaghetti.  I knew it must have been a FUN dinner because I found spaghetti on the wall as I was cleaning up.

Now you and Daddy are in bed and I am sitting here all alone reminiscing as I watch your birth video and recant your life up to now.

I can’t help but feel oh-so-lucky for being blessed with the opportunity to be your mommy.

You have taught me so much. . .

I have learned to live in the moment.  You never worry about the past and the future means nothing to you.  All you worry about is the here and now.  More people should live that way.  Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses… or in your case stop and play in the dirt.

You taught me that I need to go with my gut more often.  You never stop and think about which decision you should make, you just GO and worry about the consequences later.  Scratch that, you don’t worry about the consequences at all.

You’ve also taught me how to accept compliments.  I always tell you how awesome or how cool you are and your answer is always “ya” as if you already know.

I need to get more excited like you do.  You get a kick out of every new event.  “Come on, Austin, lets go get the mail.”  ::happy dance happy dance:: “Come on, Austin, let’s go to the store.” STORE?! ::happy dance happy dance::


You also taught me that napping is a good thing.  You may refuse it when offered, but when you wake up it’s like you’re the new-and-improved Austin.  Rejuvenated, refreshed, a big fat ball of energy!  We all could just use a little nap once in a while.

But most importantly, you taught me how to love unconditionally.

You will ALWAYS kiss me when I ask and sometimes sneak a hug in without me even prompting you.  I am still waiting for the AMAZING day to come when you finally tell me you love me.  To hear those words out of your little mouth would be so sweet.

Until then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful little boy.



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