Thanksgiving Flying Tips & Tricks

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Yes, we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, but it is NEVER too early to plan for your upcoming trip.

Just like those annoying department stores, bust out the holiday prep early.  Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you secure your Thanksgiving flight (the short version):

1. Sign Up for Fare Alerts – make the best of services like Kayak that will alert you when prices drop and rise.
2. Pick the Right Day to Fly- AVOID the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at ALL costs.  Your best bet is Tuesday or Wednesday a week before.

3. Book a Direct/Nonstop Flight- this equates to less time spent on the runway and less time spent in the airport during layovers.

AND less time spent with THESE people.   Oh and THESE people, too   <<< Please don’t watch if you don’t like profanity  (that’s you Gramma )  😉

4. Find the Perfect Flight Combination- search, search, and then search some more. The perfect combination is out there.

5. Look for Package Deals- Sites like Travelocity and Orbitz offer discounted prices for booking multiple items (hotel accommodations, flights, and rental cars).
6. Book Early- Have you heard the phrase “the early bird gets the worm”?  Okay, who hasn’t?  Well, this applies for booking your flight.  The early bird gets the window seat!  Or maybe the early bird gets the extra leg room.  AHHHH, relish in the thought of THAT one!
   OR   IMG_2157
7. Sign Up for Memberships- Become one of those super important elite members and board early… OR snag a kid on your way in the airport and you’ll get to board early for free 😉

8Avoid Back-Breaking Fees- Don’t forget about baggage fees.  It’s sometimes better to just pack multiple bags and pay the additional bag fee than to pay that pesky overweight baggage fee.  Plus, who wants to lug around a huge suitcase anyways!  Try to pack light.  You don’t need the kitchen sink!

OH, WAIT! You CAN bring the kitchen sink … as your carry on  😉

For more details you can visit Upward Onward to read my full length article.



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