Luke is 5 Months Old

Dearest Lukie,

5 months  5months

I know Momma is a little late posting this, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.  HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY, little man.  I should start off by saying that you are a total mommy’s boy through and through.  You haven’t quite been your happy self recently.


You constantly want to be held and interacted with… and rightfully so.  You are competing with your brother for my attention all the time.  Boy, oh boy is Austin a handful.  You desperately crave mommy cuddles, but mommy is always chasing Austin around (who has been getting into LOTS of trouble recently).  I blame myself for your neediness because I wished for a baby that loved being held.  I shouldn’t say blame because you are truly a blessing.  A bundle of cuddly chunkiness.

carsonscove ergo

THANK GOSH for babywearing.  My wraps and carriers are my saving grace.  You will happily sit in a carrier pressed up against my back or chest while I keep Austin in check or get things done around the house.  I wrapped you on my back for the first time today with our Girasol.  I think it was a success.  I was so proud of myself.  I showed your big brother and said “look what Mommy did,” pointing to you on my back.  He was thoroughly unimpressed.  You though getting on my back was hilarious and liked to giggle at yourself in the mirror.  Getting off my back, on the other hand, was a little scary for you.  I think I am going to have to practice the hip scoot method a little more.

sitting up

If I put you in your chair, you cry.  If I put you on the ground, you cry. The only time you don’t cry when I put you down is if I sit you up.  Which, by the way, is your newest accomplishment.  WOO HOO for you. You can now sit up very well all by yourself.

rollover2 rollover1 rollover

You know what else you FINALLY learned how to do?  You can now roll over on your own.  Both ways (tummy to back & back to tummy).  Great job, chunkster!

bathtime brobath happybath

Last night you had your FIRST bath with your big brother.  You sat in your small tub (first time sitting up while bathing) while Austin played in the big tub.  You LOVED splashing in the water and brother liked dumping water on you… of course.

boating sleepy boating

Speaking of water, we had one of our last boat rides.  The weather is getting cooler and the boating season is dying down.  I am a little disappointed because I can always count on the boat to soothe you to sleep.

Your sleeping habits have also changed.  Napping hasn’t been going well recently.  Since you always want me to hold you, you cry when I try to lay you down in your crib.  Today you took your morning nap in the Ergo while big brother and I played at the park.  You did take your afternoon nap, but it didn’t happen without a fight.  Yesterday I even laid in your CRIB with you until you fell asleep.  Well, actually, I fell asleep with you and we BOTH napped in your crib.  Bedtime is fine and you sleep well for the first 4-6 hours and then I bring you in bed with Daddy and I (bad habit, I know), but I haven’t been going to bed until midnight since I started working for Origami Owl and it seems like the moment I lay down in my bed to fall asleep, you wake up.  Anyways, I know you aren’t complaining about cuddle time.


You are such a wonderful addition to our family and I am excited to experience the rest of your firsts with you.  I love you very much and look forward to tonight’s cuddle session in Mommy’s bed.




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