Give Her a Gift That Will Win Her HEART

I would LOVE to save you the trouble of going to the mall, spending money on flowers that will die in 5 days, AND make you a Valentine’s Day hero with your wife or girlfriend (or your daughter)!

Introducing….the Heart Locket from Origami Owl. 56 beautiful Austrian crystals, hand-set into a gorgeous heart-shaped locket. It is absolutely our most substantial and quality piece we have produced to date. Prices include the Locket, chain and charms (each as pictured in the photos below). I will include VALENTINES DAY PACKAGING, waive shipping and deliver to your home or office. If you’re not local, then I can have it shipped directly to you.

Package #1 “Sweet Love” – $84

heart locket package 1

This features our lovely heart locket, rolo chain, and 4 of our {love} charms (ring, script love, pink heart and infinity).

Package #2 “The Big Bling” – $120

hey baby

Features the beautiful Heart Locket, our gorgeous heart link chain, and an assortment of pink, clear and red crystals.


Just email me at or call me @ 951-708-6957and tell me which locket and address for delivery.Orders must be placed by February 5th or sooner to ensure delivery before Valentine’s Day,ACCEPTING PayPal + all major credit cards + CASH (if local)
page turn FB pic
Contact Info:
Ashley Pfeffer, Origami Owl Independent Designer
Phone: 951-708-6957
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The Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaids

You’ve got the dress, rings and the flowers … what’s left?

OH, the lovely ladies that helped you get through the stress.

Give them a gift from you HEART.


bridesmaid celebrate love  infinite Marriage-themed Living Locket  wedding locket


Contact me to purchase:


I’d be more than happy to help you create a CUSTOM package as well.




Cami Shaw and Cassie Case are our winners. Cami {TAGGER} receives the free necklace and Cassie {TAGEE} wins 30% off her next order! CONGRATULATIONS


TAGGED Giveaway


Give yourself AND your friend the chance to WIN! You could win a TAGGED creation by Origami Owl!

Here’s how:

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3.)     Cross your finger!

TAGGER will receive: 16 inch faceted ball chain, LOVE TAG, July crystal element dangle, and heart TAG ($30 value)

TAGEE will receive: 30% off next order!

Tagged Giveaway closes on January 31st at 11:59 PM PST.  Winners will be selected via on February 1st !

*Origami Owl Independent Designers cannot participate

** for US residents only

*** Origami Owl discount applied towards retail value only

Good Luck ♥

Christmas 2013

Yep, I just went there.  I was looking through my camera and FINALLY loading the pictures onto my computer when I saw all of the Christmas pictures that I forgot about.

I saw another blogger post about her Christmas last month, too.  So I thought, why not.

I’m not even going to mention how far behind I am on Luke’s updates (I just mentioned it, huh)

Here it is: our 2013 Christmas !

So, my dad came and stayed with us Christmas Eve and we had a yummy dinner of roasted chicken stuffing and mashed potatoes.  I DID NOT want to be stuck in the kitchen all day on Christmas like I was on thanksgiving, so my grandma and mom volunteered to make a simple Christmas dinner.  So, as to not disappoint the boys, I made a Christmas-like dinner on Christmas Eve.  It definitely wasn’t as good as turkey, but it hit the spot.  Luke even got to eat some stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Austin didn’t really understand the whole Santa concept, so my cookies and milk tradition didn’t really matter to anyone but me.  Oh well, there is always next year.

The boys slept well and we all woke up on Christmas day to a tree packed full of presents.

Of course, we (and by WE, I mean I) had to get a picture of the boys on Christmas day in front of the tree.

Getting a toddler and baby to smile and look at the camera at the same time was a feat in itself.


Luke, look over here … Austin, get the binkie out of your mouth.  (notice his TWO “B'” — hoard much?)


Nice smile, Austin…


GREAT … wait, Austin …


Let’s just zoom in/crop just Luke … PERFECT


Look over here, Luke …



Okay, I guess we are done.




Daddy helping




Yep, “bam-pa” got a flatbed truck for Austin.


Which one is the present: the ladybug night light or the wrapping paper, Luke?


Austin was so excited about his Buzz and Woody dolls!


Of course, he got a “Choo Choo”


Grandma and GiGi came over to bring boxes full of present!








We had a nice time chatting and playing with the boys and their new toys.

LUKE always love SWING TIME





And of course, if Luke is doing it …


Austin wants to

10007 10006

Cousin Andrew getting some chunky baby time ❤

10009  10008

Auntie Amy is ALWAYS popular with the kiddos


Uncle Matt


and, of course, Shawna, who is so easy to fall asleep on


Devilish Austin sneaking away …

Christmas lunch consisted of lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and sausage.  Everything was so tasty.  It was such a treat not to have to spend all day cooking in the kitchen.

Days like this make me look forward to the next holiday or family get-together and I ALWAYS feel like I didn’t get enough pictures.

Merry Christmas …. in January!

Mommies Don’t Sleep Well

This remix of the song “Royal” by Lorde couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me.

Luke has NOT been sleeping well since like… BIRTH. We bed share and it seems like he nurses all night. I would LOVE to have an uninterrupted nights sleep. But it seems like that’s a fantasy FOR MOST MOMS.


^ if this were a video, you would hear snoring and little baby sleep noises too.

Ah, naps… So under appreciated by the non-moms. ❤

Rested – Mommy Remix