“BIIIG Mess” – by Austin Pfeffer

So, my son is really good about telling me when he is hungry and is even better at telling me when he absolutely, positively, does NOT want to eat something.
Well, today after Austin ate through a piece of toast, handful of raisins, cup of Apple Jacks, and a whole apple {doesn’t this sound like a page from The Very Hungry Caterpillar} he proceeded to tell me that he was STILL “HANGRY, mama!” I explained that I needed to finish feeding Luke and try to put him to take a nap.

I promised to make him oatmeal when I was done putting Luke down. Well, as I am feeding Luke and he is drifting into dreamland, I hear Austin’s little feet running around the house and cupboard doors slamming. Then it gets quiet …. Really quiet. I am wondering, should I go check on Austin and risk Luke being woke up by my jostling OR should I wait until Luke is completely asleep and sneak out to figure out what Austin is up to. Let me tell you, ladies and gents… you DON’T do the latter. A few minutes later I hear “BIIIG mess” from my toddler who was so obviously pleased with himself.


I shoot up and Luke is jolted awake. Yay, mom. Great job waking up the baby. The neat freak in me couldn’t handle it. I grabbed Luke and we ran to the kitchen. I followed the sprinkle trail to the play room/living room.

Austin had decided HE was going to take care of his craving. Of course, in true toddler style he decided sprinkles poured into a silicone muffin mold would be a great snack. Unfortunately, as soon as he found out how much fun shaking the sprinkles out was he decided to carry out his food fun to the rest of the house. JOY.

best mess

I set Luke down by the scattered puzzle pieces to assess the mess. I asked Austin what he was thinking and his reply (in the most pathetic tone) was “I HANGRY, momma. Belly {pointing to his belly} I eat. NUM NUM NUM.” Cue the adorable grin . . .

I asked him to look at what he had done. His comment? “Make BIIIG Mess.” Yes, yes you did, my son.
Moral of the story?

Tie your toddler down to a chair if you are planning on leaving the room for an extended period of time. 😉
I should add that WHILE I was cleaning up his mess, he decided Luke would taste better with sprinkles on top {wish I snapped that pic}. Also, if you want to test the effectiveness of your vacuum, spill tiny sprinkled about the room. You’ll either be pleasantly surprised or slightly annoyed. Fortunately for me, my vacuum is awesome.


The Last

This was amazing to watch. ❤ Who was your WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY?

I’m such a hopeless romantic .

Welcome to my world.

Awwwww this video is so cute… You should watch this if you are as romantic as I am! : ) – or if you’re a guy and you want to say the sweetest thing ever to the girl you love.

Seriously, when I watched this video, I had this huge smile on my face and sparkles in the eyes… I’m not kidding!

I want to meet a guy that will make my heart melt like the one in the video! I want to fall in love with “the good guy” who will be able to make me smile everyday, who will understand me, protect me, be there for me… I think every girl want to find a guy like that, right?

Yes… I am this kind of girl who is still waiting for the perfect prince charming ahah! I am sure he is somewhere in this world : ) – Don’t…

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I cannot believe how fast time is flying.  I haven’t written a post in a while and definitely need to get back on the horse. Expect more posts SOON.

6 months



Luke, my adorable, sweet, little boy is almost 9 months old!

Here’s whats new with him:


IMG_3530 IMG_3496 IMG_3577 IMG_3654

LOVES: being held, green beans, broccoli, peas, bath time, splashing, stealing brother’s juice/water cups, making messes at dinner time, being worn in a wrap/carrier, snuggling in bed, napping in Austin’s big boy bed, warm/soft blankets, walks in the stroller, watching big brother, and his swing.


HATES: his crib, playing by himself, being left in his high chair when he is done with dinner, when mommy or daddy walk by him and don’t pick him up,




You’d think he would be crawling by now… NOPE.  He is content (actually, no he’s not) just laying on the floor.  He will scoot backwards and pull himself from a sitting to kneeling position or on all fours, but won’t crawl.  He gets pretty frustrated when we leave him on the floor to play.  He always gets himself backed into a corner and pisses himself off.

DSCN1767 DSCN1772


Luke has 2 bottom teeth.  He has been very fussy for what seems like an eternity.  We originally thought it was teething, but this has been too long with no result.  He uses those teeth well and always flashes those toofies when he sports his open mouthed smiles.  Oh yeh, and everything goes in the mouth!

DSCN1777 IMG_3529


Luke is still breastfeeding regularly and uses it as a comfort mechanism as well.  He needs to nurse to calm down when he is upset and when he is tired.  I try to give him a little of what we are eating during breakfast and dinner.  He LOVES green vegetables, pancakes, fruit pouches and chicken.

We also follow BLW (baby led weaning).  I don’t give him any purees to eat and he feed himself more of the time.  I will occasionally feed him a fruit pouch.

I think he may have a gluten intolerance.  A few months ago I started giving him cereal.  He did well the first time I gave it to him, but the following meal he threw it up for several hours straight.

He would be fine for about an hour after the meal and then would start gagging and throw up uncontrollably for a few hours straight.  He would pass out from exhaustion and wake up to throw up once more.  It is SO heartbreaking to see him throw up over and over again because of something I gave him to eat.  So far, he has thrown up from cereal, Plum Organics puffs, and spaghetti.

I plan on talking to his pediatrician at his 9 month check-up.  Some of my other mommy friends seem to think preservative allergy or egg allergy may be other causes.  I will be watching his diet very closely from now on.



I haven’t been to his doctor in a few months so I do not have accurate measurements, but the last time we checked he was well over 20 pounds.  Our little porker.

DSCN1765 IMG_3524


Luke is generally a very fussy baby.  Especially when he isn’t getting his way.  AND if he had it his way, I’d be holding him all the time.  He is the fussiest in late afternoon.

I think his temperament is diectly related to his inability to take naps that last longer than 30-45 minutes.  I really feel like he should be taking 2 long naps (2-3 hours each).  Instead, he chooses to nap in the car when we are going short distances and refuses to nap for longer than 30 minutes in his crib.  I started letting him nap in Austin’s bed and he seems to be sleeping longer in there.  He likes falling asleep next to me and we can’t really do that in the crib.

Bed time is always a chore.  He tends to go to bed around 7-7:30 pm.  I will get him down in his crib and he will sleep 30-45 minutes until he wakes up and refuses to go back to sleep.  He wakes up congested and upset.  So, I usually call it a night myself and head to bed with him.  Another win for Luke because now he gets to fall asleep next to mommy.  Where’s Daddy, you ask?  He is in bed with Austin because Austin enjoys falling asleep with DaDa.

… oh the life of a parent.  Mommy first and wife second.  Sometimes I wish we would just be past this phase in our lives, but then I remind myself that my “I wish..” will soon turn into “i miss..”

DSCN1769 IMG_3537 IMG_3536

Time seems to move SO FAST.  I look back on these 9 months of Luke’s life and wonder where did the time go.  Each year goes by faster and faster.  S L O W  D O W N, life!



IMG_3526 IMG_3509 IMG_3515 IMG_3514

Austin got a lot of quality DaDa time before he went back to work.


Daddy started his LCAC school

DSCN1749 DSCN1748 DSCN1750

Austin has discovered his LOVE of planes

Luke discovered Austin’s old toys

IMG_3604 IMG_3605 IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3615

Big Bear fun with Auntie Amber and Uncle Carl

IMG_3590 IMG_3591 IMG_3593 IMG_3572

Mommy went to her regional Origami Owl event ❤ and created her Vision Board for the year

Let’s see what else 2014 will bring for the Pfeffer family!