A Little Update

I have been so busy with my Origami Owl business that this blog has been neglected. I am currently updating via my tablet/phone since Austin needs to be in clear view or he WILL get in trouble!

So many new developments in the wonderful world of Luke that I may forget to mention some.

Last month was quite the adventure.

Luke suffered a bad sinus infection (Austin and I as well) that went to his ear and eyes. He got an ear infection (so did Austin) and was put on antibiotics for his ear and goopy eye. We stopped antibiotics (too soon, whoops) and his ear infection never healed. It came back and so did another head cold. We are currently on the tail end of his sickness.

NOW, mommy’s wisdom teeth are coming in and I’m scheduled to get ALL FOUR out on Monday. Wish me luck…

– Luke has two upper teeth (one front tooth and another to the right) and his other two matching upper teeth following right behind


– Luke is a DAREDEVIL
– Luke can CRAWL!

– Luke loves standing up and cruising across tables and furniture

20140326-134439.jpg  20140326-134510.jpg  20140326-134449.jpg

-Luke LOVES pushing his walker

20140326-134552.jpg 20140326-134533.jpg

– 9 months for Luke was filled with MANY tears

20140326-134729.jpg  20140326-134719.jpg
– Luke naps in his crib, but sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy
– Luke eats EVERYTHING!
– Austin can now form 4-5 word phrases
– Austin still struggles saying his name. I shouldn’t say struggle. More like refuses to say it.

20140326-134706.jpg  20140326-134655.jpg  20140326-134519.jpg
– Austin loves using his tools to fix his toys
– Austin thinks batteries fix everything
– Austin always says his belly is hungry and he hates sitting down for dinner

20140326-134619.jpg  20140326-134633.jpg  20140326-134643.jpg
– Austin enjoys playing with his water table and splashing Luke

– Austin CAN be a sweet big brother, but most of the time he views Luke as a threat that steals his toys and attention

– Austin’s newest catchphrase “I charge.”  Translation: I AM IN CHARGE ….



Daddy is still in his LCAC craftmaster school and doing well so far.  He drives down to San Diego FREQUENTLY and sometimes spends nights with Grandma or GiGi.  We cannot wait until the school is over.  And I think Justin would agree as well.



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